Thursday, 22 November 2012

Who to vote for in the Croydon North By Election if you are a social conservative
Election Address of Richard Edmonds NF candidate

Richard Edmonds in his characteristic finger-wagging pose.  VOTE RICHARD EDMONDS  (even if you are not white)!

Sadly, there is no mention in Richard's election address of feminism fuelling widespread illegitimacy leading to the degeneracy of the white working classes making them no longer fit for purpose.   The egregious equality of British state education for which the female-dominated teaching profession is largely irresponsible also fails anyone whose parents do not value education and cannot afford school fees.

Until and unless nationalists find the courage to challenge the morals of their women, they will not succeed.

In this video, there is no sign that Richard Edmonds wishes to challenge feminism which makes the women of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland what they are: slags and unfit mothers breeding a generation of degenerate NEETs and NEET-breeding SSMs whom no sane employer would employ.

However, if I were white working class voter living in Croydon North I would be voting for Richard, a conviction politician, even if he does not see eye to eye with me about challenging feminism, and even though he excluded me from a Nationalist Unity Meeting in London because of a certain gun-toting photograph of me that came to his notice, which he thought would give nationalists a Bad Name.  I feel sure too that the late John Tyndall would have had no problem at all in denouncing feminism.  Richard is a good and entertaining speaker and has even bought me a drink or two in the past.  He is the best receptacle of your protest vote if you are a social conservative and are uneasy about the effects of immigration.   Even non-white British citizens are getting alarmed about immigration.  They should vote for Richard too.  He is not going to win anyway, and you won't be sent on the first banana boat home, but you can give the Tories a slap in the face for supporting gay marriage and betraying their own principles.  

It is just stupid to think that all non-white people are liberals.  In fact, Asians are more socially conservative than white people.  Indeed, Muslims are a force for social conservatism.  If you can't forcibly repatriate them then you might as well get them to vote for you.  I am afraid the only hope for white man now is to use religion to protect him from feminism.  Islam is the way, or at any rate Secular Koranism.  Unpalatable though it is, the White Man must swallow his bitter medicine and start dealing with his SSM Sacred Cows who are eating his country out of house and home as well as leaving their cow pats all over his nice carpet.

If you are a genuine Conservative you should also vote for Richard Edmonds. David Cameron is not a Conservative - he is a Whateverist.   (A Whateverist has no principles and will say anything to keep himself in power or win your vote.)  Just because David Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party does not mean he is a Conservative.   He is just a Great Pretender.

David Cameron too is afraid of SSMs.  He is afraid of them because they have the vote, but there are ways of dealing with them.,_2012



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Anonymous said...

Hello Claire, it's me again, your pal from Scotland.

I was out at the weekend with some friends and we had a 25-year-old unemployed drunk single mother with us. When we got to the nightclub, not only did she get her breasts out for us, she also later pulled down her trousers and showed us her bare behind, and then started masturbating with her clitoris and vulva whilst sitting on a sofa with her trousers and underwear pulled down.

What's more, all of this was being FILMED on a guy's camera phone, and she didn't seem to even care; she had no shame whatsoever.

How's that for social degeneracy?


Oh and as for the post, well, whatever.

The National Front is a joke. They are active where I live and there are a few stickers going about but that's it. Here's what Scottish far-right activists look like:

A bunch of scruffy looking guys with a few amateurish looking leaflets that complain about the proposed plans for a new mosque.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of what I have just told you Claire?

Elsie said...

I don't even know if your story is true, anon.

Why would you go out in a group with such a female (if it is true) ?

presumably this woman was friends of other people in your group. what sort of company do you keep ?

What is more shocking about the filming of such behaviour, rather than the behaviour in the first place ?

I feel quite sick.

Claire Khaw said...

Elsie echoes my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It is true, but I have no way of proving that to you, unless someone uploads the video to the internet, which I am sure would not be your cup of tea by the sounds of things...

Yeah, she was friends with other people in the group who are some of my friends, I personally was only acquainted with her a little bit before that day but otherwise didn't know her very well.

What sort of company do I keep? Just... people I talk to in pubs and similar places, really.

I was just saying it to illustrate that this is the kind of behaviour one can come across. That's all. Claire is always going on about sluts and single mothers, just thought it would be of interest.