Thursday, 27 December 2012

LBC blocks all numbers of callers who express BNP sympathies

I know this is so because that was what a BNP mate told me.

This is what he told me on Christmas Day when he was so outraged by one of the callers saying that there should be more mixed-race children and mixed-race parenting until the white race no longer exists:

"They were doing a poll on who would you want to be Prime Minister.  I called up and said Nick Griffin.  My number is on their block list."

This was during the London elections.  Is this quite how we want London's biggest talk radio station to behave?

I wonder if LBC is subject to judicial review.

Andy Hearn
@1party4all The LBC 10till1 host James O'Brien is the architypal middle class white lefty. He belittles people who dont agree with him.
12:37 AM - 28 Dec 12

Andy Hearn
@1party4all I predict James O Brien will be employed by the BBC in the near future - he has already been on Question time.
 12:38 AM - 28 Dec 12

So everything must be lefty SHITE now, must it?

Not that I ever listen to it, because I already know talk radio is there to give the impression that people are being heard and listened to.  Now, it seems they will not even appear to listen to BNP sympathisers.

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