Thursday, 31 January 2013

My arrest at 0740 on 24 January by five policemen for the offence of offending Jessica Thom and other Tourette's sufferers

This page was created by my former associate David Jones on 26 January.  He describes himself as a libertarian but is either so confused or without principle that he gloats at my arrest because we have fallen out.   He will be trying yet again to become councilor this time in Cornholme Ward in Todmorden in May 2013.

I was arrested at 0740 on 24 January, taken to Peckham Police Station and finally released at 2136 after a two-hour interview.  I was offered the option of making an apology and receiving only a caution, but felt I had a right to say what I did and refused.   I have not been charged and am due to answer bail  on 7 March.

David Jones the self-proclaimed libertarian superimposes prison bars on my image because he thinks it is quite right  that someone should be arrested for publishing what I did about Jessica Thom.  I believe he even hopes that I will be executed. 

It was a bit like that.

This rather amusing picture was created by David Jones, my former associate.  They brought me Tetley tea, scampi and chips finished off by spotted dick and custard.   I have no complaints about my treatment.  Peckham Police Station seems well run; the policemen were handsome, and the policewomen pretty.   The WPC who arrested me was really one of the nicest women I have ever met.

This is a photo from the Facebook group of David Jones dedicated to the purpose of having me jailed *and*  banished form Britain.   It  would be difficult to do both at the same time, I imagine.  

The surprisingly orthopaedic mattress and pillow in Cell 9.  David Jones boasted that he destroyed his when he was held for electoral fraud at Halifax Police Station, but I just did the sensible thing with them and used them for the purpose for which they were created, namely for lying on and contemplating the ceiling.  
A view of Cell 9 lying on the mattress

A view of Cell 9 lying on the mattress looking at the loo

A view of Cell 9 looking at the mattress from the door

On 17 January the post complained of at by Tourette's sufferer Jessica Thom was removed.  Yesterday, 30 January,  it was briefly displayed before being removed again.   

Jessica Thom's book can be purchased at 

Hugh Muir of the Guardian mentions my arrest at

I have already been mentioned THREE times in January 2013 by Hugh Muir in The Guardian was what got me into trouble, reproduced below.

How many people think Jessica Thom the biscuit woman is putting it on to avoid her responsibilities of being a normal person?

22 April 2013 at 20:23

Is Jessica Thom, a clearly intelligent woman, putting on her Tourette’s syndrome on to avoid  the responsibilities of being a normal citizen with the usual responsibilities of life?  In a more sensible age she would have been shunned.  In our era of matriarchal dementia, she is being privileged.   I think she is using it to avoid having to find a husband and the horror of having sex with a series of frogs to find a decent one.   In a way, I understand.

Here she is at

Do you think you could do what she does without suffering from Tourette’s?

How would she feel if she were suddenly “cured”?

Would she then become totally unremarkable and lose all her privileges?

Would you want to be “cured” if you were her?

Do you think if we could bribe her with something sufficiently enticing, such as a lot of money, or the car or the man or the holiday of her dreams, she would and could cure herself?

To discuss these and related issues, as well as to vote YES or NO, please join

Listen to Jessica Thom say “fuck” a lot to music.   Would you want your kid to be like that?   Would you tell your kid that it is OK to be like that?   Biscuit! is the Facebook page I have set up to so that this issue can be discussed without censorship.  Jessica Thom should know that it also advertises her book Welcome To Biscuit Land, and it is hoped that this knowledge will restrain her and her more censorious female friends from trying to get the page reported and deleted.

I only ask questions.  If it is really the case that we cannot even ask questions then we really might as well say goodbye to Western civilisation.

There are polls that should be of interest to Tourette’s suffers and those who have views on Tourette’s sufferers.

It has been crazy the number of people who have said to me “I have Tourette’s and so does my partner and so do my children.”

If Tourette’s is something that isn’t being faked, then it is genetic and neurological.   If it is genetic and neurological, then it can be passed on.  It is my opinion that people with Tourette’s should neither get married nor have children.   Will I get another death threat for just saying that?

What kind of person marries someone with Tourette’s?

Another person with Tourette’s?

This means that their children will be very likely to get Tourette’s.  Why does the government allow this?


I don’t understand.


Martin Sewell said...

I believe that the only sort of online comments that should be considered an offence are those that directly threaten violence.

Dave Mann said...

This arrest will only enhance your street cred.

Dave Mann said...

This arrest will only enhance your street cred. You may want to consider becoming a spoken-word (rap, hip-hop) artist.

Williamson said...

You shouldn't have been arrested, you should have been deported. SLAG!

Anonymous said...

"They have taken away her computer, which may be just as well" lol....
No nothing will keep Claire down....knew you would soon be back and posting.