Thursday, 28 February 2013

My unique fusion of religion, politics, social conservatism, libertarianism and the long-term national interest

Did you know that most Britons actually support BNP policies?

Read all about it at

But one look at those despised lower class proles makes them go the other way and think they must be wrong, and run straight into the arms of well-dressed expensively-educated bourgeois Eurocrats.

Nationalism and Islam have the WORST salesmen.

It is like getting some stinking fucker in rags who cannot even drive, to sell your car.

The lower classes are not after all endowed with the manners, education or fortitude for a career in politics and are only fueled by their grievance.   Most of them have no sense of honour anyway.

So, even if the car looks beautiful and drives like a dream the buyer will be convinced there is something wrong with it.

I intend to break the mould, however. I promote Islam while not being a Muslim, I also promote nationalism in Britain while being neither white nor indigenous and as well as anti-feminism while being myself female.

Of course, I have redefined Islam as Secular Koranism and nationalism as the promotion of the long-term nationalist interest, to distance myself from the disaster that was Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and WW2.  Nothing of my ideology is in any way racist, antisemitic or Islamophobic.

It is however anti-feminist.  This means, potentially, half the voters would be instantly supportive once they understand my ideas.

Mothers too, will like my ideas.  As for the views of non-mothers, it is my contention that their views can be safely and rightfully dismissed.    

Doing as I do will make people think about what I am saying. The cognitive dissonance will make them consider my ideas more carefully, not think they already know what I stand for just by looking at me.

Of course, many will think I am mad.

However, even apparently mad ideas have a strange way of taking hold on people.

Many of my ideas are disturbing and unpleasant to contemplte, but they cannot be argued against because they are morally and intellectually defensible.

Even the worst thing I have said - which is the wish not to bring up a severely disabled baby - is something many actually identify with, even very left-wing people.

I will get my break soon, I expect, simply because I am now identified with a PACKAGE of ideas and am already known to the media.

Those who wish to marginalise me - the feminists - think they can continue to do so by IGNORING me altogether.

They even scrapped the Orwell Prize for blogging to prevent me from entering it again, though they do not say so in so many words at

It is only when things turn really bad that people will conclude that drastic circumstances require drastic solutions, and that I am a force for the good after all.

Why have I declared myself to be guided by the Koran?

Because I already know that I have no moral authority on my own. I however have the humility to appeal to a supreme authority IN ORDER TO give me greater moral authority.

That is why I reject Libertarianism as an ideology because I know it is useless at galvanising the non-existent courage of liberal British men, because it is basically NEGATIVE and cannot ever hope to inspire or comfort the average voter.

Also, the counter-intuitive PARADOX of using a THEOCRACY to have a rationally smaller government with fewer laws and lower taxes appeals to enormously.

The contemplation of the HORROR with which liberals will regard my idea, of an anti-feminist sexually repressed one-party theocracy, is reason enough to promote it as a supreme exercise in liberal-baiting.

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