Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Claire Khaw makes a note to herself to get in touch with Chris Huhne when he is released from prison

Mr Huhne spoke before the sentencing on Monday and told The Mirror he is already planning to re-invent his career, saying after working as a journalist, City entrepreneur and a politician he needed to find a fourth career.

I am sure he will no longer be a liberal by then and will have been dumped by that Carina Trimingham.

There are a few business ideas I wouldn't mind running past him when he's finished doing bird.

  1. How to bring about a one-party state that will make politicians be held in better regard, give them better working conditions and higher pay.
  2. The Marriage Contract Brokerage Company
  3. The Domestic Partnership Brokerage Company

I can't be doing with that bore Duncan Bannatyne even if he is Mr Moneybags since I cannot abide no-smoking fanatics, even if he is coyly looking for a third wife.

My preferred husband would still be Lord Mandelson, however, so if he is reading this, he should get in touch now and come up and see me sometime.

We could be the Juan and Eva Peron of British politics.

Our marriage would perfectly consolidate my power base and our politics show (which will be called The Lord and Lady Mandelson Politics Show) maintain and strengthen it.

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