Sunday, 3 March 2013

NOT a lefty or a mangina: vote JASON WONG, Education Officer for the LSE

The last two years was the best Alex Peters-Day could do, but it’s not the best LSE can do. In a recent employability ranking, LSE ranked 15th below Nottingham, Leeds and Loughborough. We risk turning into a second rate university because of the SU’s third rate policies. Attacking capitalism isn’t going to help students; it’s going to scare away employers from LSE. When I’m elected, instead of attacking capitalism, I’m going to attack the challenges students face. My Five Point Plan to deliver real change from day one: 1. I will cut my salary by 20% and donate it to RAG amongst other charities. 2. Postpone library construction till after exams. Reduce the number of non-LSE students using our library. 3. Make LSE100 optional. Students can decide whether they want their LSE100 grades to appear on their final transcript. 4. The School recorded a mind-blowing £21.2mn in profits in 2010/11. The School should make 5% less profits and give students a £50 free printing credit AND free online subscriptions to publications such as The Economist & Financial Times. 5. Introduce Reading Week at LSE. Join me because it’s time to take a path of bold, aggressive change. Campaign Page:

As you can see from the other Education Officer candidates at  Jason Wong for Education Officer tells it like it is.  


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