Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Too many women and gay advisers in Downing Street?

Does this woman with a failed marriage who have too much power over  the Prime Minister?

  1. Andrew Cooper
  2. Craig Oliver
  3. Edward Llewellyn
  4. Oliver Dowden  "Mr Dowden, nicknamed “Olive” by other aides, gave a rare insight into the uncertainty inside Downing Street."  Why is he nicknamed "Olive?  Is he gay?
  5. Kate Fall
  6. Gabby Bertin
  7. Liz Sugg
  8. Patrick Rock
  9. Andrew Dunlop
  10. Rohan Silva
  11. Ameet Gill (replaced by Julian Glover, the civil partner of Matthew Parris)
  12. Michael Salter Adviser on gay issues
  13. Ramsay Jones
  14. Claire Foges
  15. Alan Sendorek
  16. Shaun Bailey has blocked me from following him on Twitter
  17. Laura Trott
  18. Isabel Spearman (p/t)
  19. Alex Dawson was responsible for this booklet at,d.ZGU
  20. Richard Parr
  21. Steve Hilton

Too many women and homosexuals in Downing Street?

Even the heterosexual advisers don't seem to be much cop.

And staff turnover is frightening.  

Do you think the PM is being well-advised?

Perhaps he would be well-advised to appoint Claire Khaw as Downing Street adviser to replace Kate Fall at £100 pa? I can double up as Press Secretary if my salary is doubled.   


Democratic Nationalist said...

And what is your problem if there are women in Downing Street anyway?

Democratic Nationalist said...

So what if there are many women in Downing Street anyway, what is your problem?

Claire Khaw said...

You wouldn't want the government to be effeminate, would you, exclusively preoccupied with feminine issues? That could prove dangerous and costly.