Sunday, 7 April 2013

How Christianity made the White Man militarily superior to the rest of the world

My ideas have been associated with Michel Aflaq.
Baathism, I have decided, is the attempt by Arab nationalists to use Western ideas to defeat their colonial masters.

It failed because Aflaq was a Christian and all Christians in political life as obsessed with the idea of separating Church from State without knowing exactly why.  

Baathism failed because it was not Secular Koranism, in other words.

Sadly for these aspiring Arab nationalists keen to lance the festering boil of Israel that reminds them of their military inferiority, they are merely ingesting the same poison that their former colonial masters are now dying of, and which the Koran warns them against: that of dividing your state ideology into sects and rejoicing in your own doctrines - in other words, the multiparty system.

Aflaq was after all a Christian, and all Christians who know anything about the wars of religion in Europe would be understandably obsessed with separating Church from State. (I have just returned from a holiday in Holland and Belgium and am now a little more aware of the Wars of Religion in Europe, which seems to have fallen out of the curriculum.)

Christianity, being a flawed totalitarian religion, should of course be separated from the state at all costs.  Islam, however, is perfectly good to interpret literally.  

Being a totalitarian religion (for Christianity states that if you do not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity you are not a Christian and all non-Christians go to hell), it is clearly wise, particularly after the Inquisition and the religious wars of Europe, for European rulers to want to separate this totalitarian religion from the policies of the state and cherry pick the bits they felt were rational and enlightened.

One of the unintended side effects of having a schismatic religion is that you are always fighting each other, which makes you good at war.

Perhaps this explained why the white man, in his crowded little continent, was always so warlike and militaristic.

Remember, it was the white man who started BOTH World Wars and also nuked the Japanese twice.

It should be acknowledged that the reason why Muslims are crap at war is because they hardly ever fight each other, and never thought to make their own nuclear weapons, until the Iranians saw what happened to Japan.

That was why they were so completely unprepared for the white man when he arrived with his more advanced weapons and military tactics.

It is not surprising that middle class white liberals are now a little embarrassed about their ancestral past which is now seen as racist, sexist, homophobic, militaristic and nationalistic, and have degenerated into an embarrassing shambles of degeneracy, widespread illegitimacy and being afraid of the worst of their women.

If Christianity helped the white man rule the world, it would be because their superior military skills was the result of their tendency to fight wars with each other over nothing at all because of their schismatic totalitarian religion.

It is surely now time that they embraced a more peaceable one, like Islam, which is what is needed to save them from the worst of their women, without making them go to war with each other again at the drop of a hat over some doctrinaire disagreement.  


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but you are a very stupid woman and quite frankly that is the good thing about Christianity in which it does not seek to go attacking people just because of their religious beliefs and intends to show that religion and politics are different but that morality is interlinked.

What is brilliant about Ba'athism is that got rid of that stupid desert rag religion, Islam and encouraged that Islam moderate itself in the Middle East and thanks to Ba'athism, Iraq and Syria became tolerant towards other religions and individuals as well.

Secular Koranism has never existed, Claire, it is just one of your inventions to enforce Islam upon everyone, so I have two words to you : FUCK OFF!

Long live the Trinity! If you deny the Trinity, you deny God, PERIOD!! Are you too thick to understand? My God, you really need a great slap in the face!

The Koran says that if you do not follow the Prophet and if you are a disbeliever, then you are a fuel for fire.

You have shown what you really are that you are an Islamist who wants to enforce a foreign religious system upon all of us, you do not call for liberty but totalitarianism and barbarism and quite frankly the good people of Britain do not take what you say seriously because you are a sad reject and everyone hates you!

Anonymous said...

None of this has anything to do with you, you stupid slitty eyed gook cunt. Nobody likes you so fuck right off, I hear South Korea is good this time of year!

Claire Khaw said...

It is always hoped that nationalists would rise to more mature levels of debate, but they just do not have it in them to digest complicated ideas about their own history, religion and laws. One can only try though!