Thursday, 6 June 2013

What would you do with £383M?
84-year-old wins largest unshared jackpot in US history

I would find out the lowest sum of money Nick Griffin would be prepared to accept for him to:

1. annul my expulsion

2. settle all the debts of the party before I take over

3. declare that I am eligible to be a leadership candidate

4. call a leadership election

5. inform the party that after I take over the BNP will be officially civic nationalist and those who don't like that can fuck off to the NF whom I am sure will be happy to welcome them.

Before the leadership election I shall of course visit all the BNP regions listed at

  1. North West  
  2. East Midlands  
  3. Eastern  
  4. London
  5. North East  
  6. Scotland  
  7. South West  
  8. Ulster  
  9. Wales  
  10. West Midlands  
  11. Yorkshire  
  12. South East

At each region I visit a free buffet and free bar will be laid out for the members at the best medium-priced hostelry that the Regional Organiser can recommend.

At each meeting I shall explain exactly how civic nationalism will get ethno-nationalists most of what they want, and how it is the only viable and respectable form of nationalism that would transform the image of the party from a being a group of despised racists to patriots respected for their courage and good sense.

Someone suggested I fly round the country, but I think a battle bus would be the best way of meeting the people.

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