Thursday, 11 July 2013

Inspirational symbolism by Chirico

I find this painting inspirational and believe it hints at the solutions to our problems.

The train passing by in the background refers to science, travel, exploration, control and communication.

The two men shaking hands suggest co-operation and perhaps male solidarity.

The fountain suggests an appreciation of aesthetics.

The cloisters suggest a place where politics is discussed and businesses transacted. I assume that this scene is similar to a Roman forum.

Perhaps all that is required for our problems to be solved is co-operation, creativity, industry, and politics made easier if we know how to appeal to the aesthetic consciousness of the people.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice picture, but why is the sky green?

Claire Khaw said...

That is a good question. Someone has suggested to me that the clock is broken and that the dark sky means it is twilight - the twilight of our civilisation ....