Saturday, 19 October 2013

3 votes for "ethno-nationalist politician" in Chichester

Here are the results by party of the Westbourne Ward by-election to Chichester District Council.

Con 184 (41.3%)

UKIP 106 (23.8%)

Green 85 (19.1%)

LD 68 (15.2%)

Patria 3 (0.6%)

This rather sad bit of news for Patria is announced under the title of "Patria makes its mark" at

If you go to Dr Emerson's twitter account, you will see that he calls himself an "ethno-nationalist politician". He might as well have called himself a "racist politician".  It is not so much their racism that holds them back, probably, but their incorrigible stupidity and appearance.  Their undoubted beta male, if not omega male status, makes them social, sexual as well as political pariahs.

Westbourne on Chichester (Con Defence)
Last Local Election (2011): Con 38, Lib Dem 8, Ind 2 (Conservative overall majority of 28)
Result in ward at last election (2011): Conservatives 515 (62%), Liberal Democrats 315 (38%)

Candidates duly nominated: Alicia Denny (UKIP), Mark Dunn (Con), Andrew Emerson (Patria), Thomas French (Green), Phillip MacDougall (Lib Dem)

Local elections are a good way of finding out (without too much expense) if the party that you have founded is able to garner support. Unlike a by-election to Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay or City Hall constituencies, you do not need to lodge a deposit. So when a group of former BNP supporters and candidates felt that they wanted to express their support for the BNP’s policies but not have the stigma of being a BNP supporter, they thought “Let’s start up a new party” and that is precisely what Patria is (a party formed by people who have been BNP supporters and been kicked out of various organisations for that support and are wanting to carry on the BNP’s policies without the stigma of the BNP attached). However, with UKIP and the Greens standing (and with the past record the Greens have of standing in an election specfically to thwart the BNP’s progress), will Patria be able to put forward the idea that you can support the BNP without being called the BNP?

They really have to understand that to lead men, they have to come across as alpha male.

They also have to understand that to attract the female voter, they have to come across as being half way fuckable.

If they are neither alpha males nor physically attractive, then their ideology has to be.   They don't seem to understand this either.

The consequences of having an unattractive pariah ideology being promoted by a person that is unattractive both to men and women is a foregone conclusion. Three votes: one of them doubtless from the candidate himself and the other two from his only two friends in the ward.

Being a mental health nurse - a very low status job for a man - does not help either.

The last time I met Dr Emerson he smelt very strongly of cigarettes.

I wonder why Dr Emerson does not join the BDP.  They need all the help they can get, after all.  You would have thought that any good fascist would know that unity is strength.

What is worse than being hated by everyone?  Being so stupid that you don't know why you are hated by everyone and refusing to do anything about it.

Oh, and the logo is crap too.

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Anonymous said...

Just looking at the picture of him, it's no wonder he runs a far-right party... he needs something to channel his rage into.

He looks like an ugly little wimp! And you are right, he looks like the sort of guy no woman would go near.

But on the other hand... someone like Tommy Robinson out of the EDL, I could imagine he would have much more appeal to women.

A mental health nurse that smells very strongly of cigarettes? Well at least it wasn't wacky baccy...