Friday, 18 October 2013

Is Kevin Scott really the best Chairman for the British Democratic Party?

  1. He has said on Facebook that he would vote UKIP in GE 2015.
  2. He thinks civic nationalism is a dirty word fit only to be contained in quotes.
  3. He is a Catholic who refuses to support marriage.
  4. He is a Catholic who refuses to criticise feminism.
  5. He would not respond to my communications on whether I could attend the BDP launch.
  6. When Adrian Davies the Treasurer of the BDP asked him on my behalf if I could attend he continued to refuse, without giving a proper reason.
  7. He did not deny writing under the name of John Stevens.  
  8. Does Kevin Scott have any new ideas at all?  
  9. Does British Nationalism need the Neanderthal image of the more more "racial" and plebeian Northerners?  
  10. If a new and improved form of British Nationalism  - especially the kind that aspires to be superior to the kind that Nick Griffin offers - is being offered by the BDP, is Kevin Scott - an unreconstructed ethno-nationalist - really the right person to represent it?
  11. Can Kevin Scott understand let alone appreciate the subtle reasoning and the nuanced thinking contained at
  12. Even if he grasps it, will he thank me for this device that I have conceived for allowing ethno-nationalists to be ethno-nationalists while pursuing the strategy of civic nationalism?
  13. If he does not thank me and appoint me as BDP Media Spokesman, what does that say about Kevin Scott as a man, an activist and a British Nationalist?  
  14. Is it really the case that Kevin Scott would rather the BDP came to nothing than allow me to make something of it by becoming its Media Spokesman?  
  15. Does Kevin Scott not realise that I am the only one in the land capable of rehabilitating the image of British nationalism while affirming the right of ethno-nationalists to promote the interests of their own race? 
  16. If the civic nationalist faction of the BDP (I think this only means Adrian Davies and me at this stage) were to take over, would it not lend British Nationalism a welcome aura of metropolitan sophistication?   
  17. If Adrian and I were to take over the BDP we would become the foremost nationalist "couple" of Britain while Kevin Scott can only think of soliciting the votes of women in Gatehead and Newcastle who either cannot or refuse to understand why feminism has been so destructive to Britain.  Should such a man, who has done the equivalent of what Gerald Ratner did when he said his own jewellery was "total crap" when he said he would vote UKIP in GE 2015, be the Chairman of any political party?

I am collecting comments about Kevin from other nationalists.  

Here are the first few:

"Well, he is a pleasant enough chap. However his selection as leader of the BDP shows the level of dynamism I would expect from that party!"

"That party is a drinking club. It's where old nationalists who dislike Griffin can get together, write articles about how they dislike Griffin, have a beer and pretend they're an alternative when it suits them."

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