Thursday, 7 November 2013

Claire Khaw agrees with Godfrey Bloom that the unemployed and public sector employees be stripped of the vote

Godfrey Bloom and Ian Cowie follow in my wake as regards narrowing the franchise. has my radical and thrilling plan to narrow the franchise even more.

I am even thinking of disenfranchising bachelors.

These ideas need to be introduced gradually to the voters and the political establishment, of course, and I would be very happy to go through my plans with him next time he is in London.

We will know how much the public like these ideas during the 2014 EU elections.  I do hope Mrs Bloom will strongly discourage him from standing down because I know how much fight there is in the old boy still. He would only get under her feet if he decided to retire from politics.

I will be able to get him all the publicity he wants and more.  All he needs to do now is get in touch.

Jane Collins is the MEP candidate UKIP are thinking of replacing him with.  She is bound to be completely boring and not say anything of interest at all.  We have had quite enough of over-promoted female mediocrities already, have we not?

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