Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Why we should all support the right of Golden Dawn *not* to be gunned down in the street

I know for a fact that many non-white British citizens complain about immigration.

In a way they are more isolated than the BNP, because such a person saying this to the liberal establishment would be shouted down.  "You can't complain about immigration," they would scream.  "You are an immigrant yourself!  Why don't you join the BNP and see if they don't send you on the first banana boat home?" etc.

While the indigenous voter have their pariah parties against immigration, the anti-immigration immigrant has nowhere to go.

Happily or sadly, things are so bad now that UKIP - a middle class anti-immigration party - want non-white members.  The BNP were actually delighted to have non-white members to show that they are really not that racist.  The fact that they were so anxious to have me as their London Mayoral Candidate was telling. After I was expelled the candidacy was still determinedly withheld from a local indigenous member and was given to an Uruguayan Londoner by the name of Carlos Cortiglia.

It seems we foreigners have our uses, even to "Far Right" organisations who so vehemently object to immigration.

Newly-arrived immigrants are tools of the political establishment, who know that granting them British passports would make them grateful and loyal.

The Right too find themselves in the paradoxical position of finding immigrants useful, for immigrants come from other places where social conservatism has not been so salami-sliced away that they find the leader of their Conservative Party thinking nothing of promoting gay marriage nationally and globally.

I will tell you why I do it then, apart from the desire for notoriety that is so often imputed to me.

I do it because I support the right of the voters to complain about immigration, whether they are racist or not.

I do it because I know I wouldn't like what has been happening to this country if I were myself white and indigenous.

I know that even the immigrants who come here to make their fortune wouldn't like it either if the same thing happened to their country and they found the racial composition of their neighbourhood, locality and nation racially changed within a short space of time.

I first visited Ireland in 1992 when it was recognisably Irish.  When I visited it 3 or 4 years later I found that its racial composition resembled London's, and felt concern for the Irish.  The Dubliners surely cannot find their newly cosmopolitan city an unmixed blessing, I thought.

The analogy of kicking away the ladder so others cannot follow me is an accusation that has often been levelled at immigrants who express anti-immigration views.  Even the most complained of group of immigrants - Muslims - complain about immigration too.  The first time I noticed this was in the 1997 General Election when a Muslim leader in Nicholas Budgen's constituency said something must be done about immigration.  More recently in the last few years, I attended a neighbourhood watch meeting at which Lutfur Rahman presided, before he became Mayor of Tower Hamlets.  A cry of "Why must everyone and his dog come to Tower Hamlets?  As if we didn't have enough problems of our own!" was something I found bemusing and very memorable.

Returning to the subject of analogies, a more suitable one would be that of being allowed on a nearly full lifeboat.  If allowing more would make the boat sink, then I owe it myself and those who let me on the lifeboat in the first place to say no to those who are scrambling to get on board.

Otherwise the entire boat would just capsize and all its passengers drown.

And this is why I have decided to accept Eddie Stampton's invitation for me to join him in the demonstration against the treatment of Golden Dawn, who are trying to effect change using the political process.

Condoning the gunning down of two Golden Dawn members would send a message to all who object to immigration that effecting change through the political process through peaceful means is clearly useless and that violent means must be employed to be effective.  This is precisely the message that must not be given to those who already filled with hate and fear that their complaints are always ignored and know that those who dare to complain will always demonised and ostracises.  If my presence at the demo in any way helps make this point, then I would be glad to accept Eddie Stampton invitation to attend.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting you mention the changing demographics of cities.

Here in Aberdeen I often drive past a primary school on my way to work in the morning. I couldn't help but notice that quite a large proportion of the children there are non-white.

So this is in Scotland, yet in the school you could see a Nigerian child standing next to a Chinese child standing next to an Indian child.

That's oor ain future demographics ye ken!