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An action in defamation? Francis Wheen of Private Eye calls Claire Khaw a "liar".

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Claire Khaw The matriarchy - in the form of Liberal Imperialism - is a global threat to civilisation. 

In practical terms, it takes the form of promoting feminism and gay marriage, as well as invading and bombing sovereign nations to give their women rights.

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Claire Khaw "Jews love Chinese food," I pointed out.

Chinese food is full of pork though.

Michael Goldfarb
Tonight's listening as Recommended by Gillian Reynolds in the Telegraph (take her word for it):

Sunday Feature: Faith Without God

Radio 3, 6.45pm

Tonight's listening as Recommended by Gillian Reynolds in the Telegraph (take her word for it):

Sunday Feature: Faith Without God

Radio 3, 6.45pm

Writer and broadcaster Michael Goldfarb on the remarkable coincidence of Buddha, Confucius and the first Greek philosophers all living around the same time in the 6th century BC. They all proposed, he argues, similar thought systems that became different religions. He asks archaeologists and scholars whether they might have shared ideas.

From Kabul to Kent (Radio 5 Live, 9.00pm) is also a Goldfarb programme, a remarkable documentary about a young Afghan who fled the war and smuggled himself into Britain where his life has been difficult but, at least, still his. This is a rare perspective on what it may be like in Afghanistan when, soon, the troops leave.

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Francis Wheen You pwn BBC radio. You're Duke Wireless, the man who put the rad in radio. It can't be long before they ask you to do the weather forecast as well.
Michael Goldfarb Meteorology with a left-historical twist
Claire Khaw
"Leibniz asserted that the truths of theology (religion) and philosophy cannot contradict each other, since reason and faith are both "gifts of God" so that their conflict would imply God contending against himself. The Theodicy is Leibniz's attempt to reconcile his personal philosophical system with his interpretation of the tenets of Christianity."

There is a way of linking the philosophy and God, and it is simply to demonstrate the obvious Utility of instilling a general belief God and to link morality with the law. In practical terms, this would mean establishing a theocracy, which is a society that obeys God's laws.

We could have an Old Testament theocracy, or a New Testament theocracy, or a Koranic theocracy.

Secular Koranism

The New Testament does not have that much content, while the Old Testament would have us stoning each other to death at the drop of a hat.

The Koran has the lowest entry threshold and the least harsh punishments as well as very clear rules about what to do and what not to do.

Francis Wheen OMG, Michael, who let the nightmare that is Khaw into your salon? Even the BNP (for whom she served as an election agent) eventually found her too fanatical for their taste. She's a liar, a fruitcake, a troll and a thundering bore.
Michael Goldfarb Thanks, I have never heard of her and she only just turned up. Shall take evasive action.
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Habie Schwarz To Francis's mild description of Khaw I'd like to add: a proud Nazi (as her online photos show - big smiles in front of huge swastika flag with Adolf T shirt & holding machine gun). She once opined, irony-free, that my sister committing suicide at 27 was a good thing because all depressed people deserve to die. (I assumed a sick joke, of course, then did some research and found her views of eugenics for all 'defectives' to be genuine. Felt dirty for having mistakenly engaged. Felt a bit sick too. Had never knowingly engaged with such persons before). Coincidentally, another thread at the moment is about blocking; several admit to never blocking anyone except Ms Khaw.
Habie Schwarz (And she always starts with random quotes or links, as above).
Michael Goldfarb Blocked - as if she doesn't exist. See you Wednesday - with camera I hope!

I really don't remember discussing this woman's 27 year old sister who committed suicide with her. I certainly don't recall saying "all depressed people deserve to die".  Another potential libel action? 

She is definitely more than a bit of a lefty:

      This is the photo Habie Schwarz must have been referring to.

      It is impossible for me to be a Nazi on the following grounds:

      (i) I am not a member of the Aryan race.
      (ii) I am not German or German-speaking. 
      (iii) I am not a German national.
      (iv) I am not a member of the German Nazi Party.
      (v) The German Nazi Party is no longer in existence.
      (vi) I am not anti-semitic.
      (vii) Unlike Hitler, I am against foreign adventurism and have been known to oppose the involvement of British troops in Muslim countries.  
      (viii) I do not believe in the racial superiority of any race.
      (ix) The purpose of posing for that photograph was to court controversy and then refute accusations through the use of reasoned debate that I am not nor have ever been a Nazi.  
      (x) I am no more a Nazi for being photographed with a swastika in the background than I would be a policeman if I were photographed with a police station in the background and a policeman’s helmet on my head.  

      I suppose it is rather gratifying that Habie and her circle are busily comparing notes and complaining about me.  

      The point is that I do believe I have been libelled.  The reason the BNP expelled me can be found at

      If UKIP are called fruitcakes, I suppose I can deal with being called a fruitcake. I have been called a troll by liberals who disagree with me, and have become accustomed to her face.

      To be called a "thundering bore" is, to be fair to Francis Wheen, fair comment.  

      But how have I been "a liar"?

      As a result of being called a liar by Francis Wheen, Goldfarb immediately took "evasive action" and blocked me without engaging with me at all.

      Requirement of serious harm: "A statement is not defamatory unless its publication has caused or is likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of the claimant".

      Goldfarb, in response to Wheen's nauseating brown-nosing about him owning the BBC and being "Duke of Wireless" and "the man who put the rad into radio" who will soon be asked to do the weather said if he were indeed asked to do the weather, it would be "meteorology with a left-historical twist".

      It has of course been my purpose to engage with any left-wing intellectual of note to expose the vacuity of their nonsensical ideas which they pointedly refuse to debate, but the Left have signally refused to engage with me at all, and warn each other not to do so.

      When they do engage with me, they do not fare particularly well as can be seen at

      It is therefore certainly arguable that this intellectually dishonest and defamatory behaviour by the Left has caused me serious harm, since I regard myself as a right-wing intellectual and have been calling for an honest and public debate that does not descend into name-calling, abuse and ultimately disengagement.  The tactic of the Left is to refuse to enter the arena out of fear of having their arguments exploded by my irrefutable logic.  So far they have been able to claim that they have won, but not for much longer, I don't think.

      Will he, like Lord Rennard, refuse to apologise?

      If this exchange is not conclusive evidence that the media is run entirely by the Left-wing Mafiosi entirely for their benefit at our expense, I don't know what is.

      He used to look like this.

      Now he looks like this.
      Francis Wheen used to be married to this dreadful feminist Joan Smith.  I wonder what went wrong. It seems the misunderstanding  has been cleared up.  

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