Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pity the Ukrainians led by a woman in a wheelchair known for her braided hair wanting to be part of NATO.

Woman in wheelchair who will now rule the Ukraine.

Woman in wheelchair looking tired, ill and confused.  More of that to come?

Woman in wheelchair when she was young and sexy.  Did she get the job cos of her looks?

I know people in the Philippines who, after having had a number of disastrous female Presidents, said that female Presidents should be forbidden in their constitution.

You can easily guess at my gloomy predictions for the people of the Ukraine. Better under Papa Putin, I would have thought.

Now is the time you would want a ruthless and firm-minded leader if you were a Ukrainian as your country descends into violence and chaos.  A woman in a wheelchair just doesn't fucking cut it, does it?

Die Loreley

Looking at this woman's hair, I was reminded of the Rhinemaidens.  Yep, Yulia is could be likened to a Rhinemaiden with braided hair.  Wagner meant his Rhinemaidens to be a metaphor for the female sex if I have understood Wagner correctly.  He probably meant:

"Love your woman, for a good woman is a prize worthy of acquiring, but understand that she cannot really be trusted.  Her beauty will fill your mind with desire and dreams, so keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, old chap, and don't let yourself get too carried away."

Sorry, peeps, that's all the political analysis you are going to get from me on this subject.

If the Ukrainians choose the EU, they choose gay marriage.  

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