Monday, 3 February 2014

Why it is Abraham I would choose to interview

Questions I would ask Abraham:

"Did you really make it up about God telling you to sacrifice your son? Would you call that a Noble Lie?"

"Abraham, would you agree that the reason why Akhnaten failed to convert the Egyptians to monotheism was because this new singular deity he proposed lacked a moral dimension?  You, however, succeeded where he, a Pharaoh, failed.  The God you created was not only singular and omnipotent, but was also perfectly moral, all-loving and all-knowing who loves all His creation, which is infinitely more seductive than a merely all-powerful but amoral God.  The lot of mankind afterwards was to embark on the philosophical definition of this thing called morality, would you not agree?"

"How far if at all do you think academic philosophers in the West have been wisely focused in their given task of advancing human wisdom and morality, or do you think that they are in fact unaware of what it is that they are supposed to do?"

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