Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How Boris Johnson could be PM after GE 2015

Let Boris Johnson stand as leader from outside Commons, says father

Stanley Johnson says his son, the Mayor of London, should be allowed to run for Conservative leadership even if he is not yet an MP

Boris Johnson and his father Stanley

First, he should stand as an independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Witney.

Of course, if he does the Conservative Party will have a shit fit and expel him.

But if he wins it would mean David Cameron can no longer remain leader of the Conservative Party, since he will no longer be MP.  (Interestingly, this link has now expired when I looked again on 11 October 2014. Clearly, the Party do not want its members to look at the small print of the party constitution. Why? To avoid having to answer questions as to why it as no principles, presumably. It can now be found at

10 There shall be a Leader of the Party (referred to in this Constitution as “the Leader”) drawn from those elected to Parliament ...

However, if Boris Johnson, or whoever else decides to throw his hat in the ring does win, I have no doubt that they will annul his expulsion, welcome him back warmly into the bosom of the Party and declare him to be their leader and therefore the PM of Britain.

What if there are others beside Boris Johnson who want to be both Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party at the same time?

I suggest the following:

  1. Get in touch with me.
  2. I will organise something resembling a Papal Conclave so that those who want to throw their hats in the ring have to vote for someone else who has also thrown his hat in the ring who will be the best possible leader, apart from themselves.  
  3. Only have one candidate from the Conservative Party stand in Witney against Cameron so as not to split the vote. has a list of Eurosceptic MPs who might just be interested in my plan.  

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