Thursday, 13 March 2014

Unknown organisations behind Freedom Festival have declared Claire Khaw and Martin Sewell personae non gratae

Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 18:51
Subject: The Freedom Festival

Dear Claire,

When you contacted my colleague, Sharon Jones, on 12 February, you wrote, "I am thinking of coming along but believe my presence may be a bit of a problem with some of your speakers and organisers."

Whilst, as you know, I was prepared for you to attend The Freedom Festival, The Freedom Association is only the principal partner in an event organised in conjunction with a number of other organisations.

As you suspected, your presence has indeed proved a problem for some of those organisations. Consequently, I have to inform you that both you and Martin Sewell will not be able to attend The Freedom Festival.

Naturally, we shall refund both your payment, and Martin Sewell's, in full. If either or both of you have purchased any travel tickets for which you cannot obtain a refund, please provide me with the appropriate receipt/s and we shall reimburse you for the full cost.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Richards
Chief Executive
The Freedom Association
☎ +44 (0)7985 550356

12 Mar 2014 19:36
Dear Simon
May I know which organisations objected to my presence and Martin's?
Yours sincerely

Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 20:31
Dear Claire,
I'm not at liberty to disclose that.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Richards

Wed, 12 Mar 2014 23:19:49 +0000 (GMT)
Dear Richard
Would you be able to disclose the reason why my presence and Martin's
would be considered a problem?
Yours sincerely

I wonder which of these "libertarian" organisations didn't want us there and why. If we are indeed such dreadful people not fit to hobnob with these libertarian grandees, they should have no problem telling us why.

I like to think it could be just a terrible misunderstanding.

Our Partners

It is possible that one of these speakers listed at may also have objected to my presence.

The ones with Twitter accounts are as follows:

  1. Andrew Allison
  2. Donal Blaney
  3. Ryan Bourne
  4. Sam Bowman
  5. Ted Bromund
  6. Rory Broomfield
  7. Conor Burns MP
  8. Dr. Eamonn Butler
  9. Emma Carr
  10. Dia Chakravarty
  11. Tim Congdon
  12. Charles Crawford
  13. Jonathan Davis
  14. Alex Deane CC
  15. Martin Durkin
  16. Matthew Elliott
  17. Dr. Tim Evans
  18. Daniel Hannan MEP
  19. Jack Hart
  20. Roger Helmer MEP
  21. Adrian Hilton
  22. Jonathan Isaby
  23. Ruth Lea
  24. Stephanie Lis
  25. Mark Littlewood
  26. Adam Memon
  27. Brian Monteith
  28. The Rev’d Dr. Peter Mullen
  29. Iain Murray
  30. John O’Connell
  31. Simon Richards
  32. Rory Sutherland
  33. Grant Tucker
  34. Mark Wallace
  35. Toby Young

Shamefully, I have not heard back from Simon Richards about the reasons for my exclusion.  Yes, I do know that I am controversial, but since I do have a view on almost everything, I cannot tell what I have said exactly to make cause me to be persona non grata.

In deliberately withholding the reason it is clear that they already know they are on weak ground.

They won't give me a reason because they don't want to be even drawn into a discussion about the reason why they excluded me.

They are not the only ones though.

I have a few ideas though, when supposedly libertarian men exclude me from their libertarian gatherings while not daring to say the real reason.

If I had been allowed to speak at the conference I would have addressed the question of "Are Libertarianism and Feminism Fundamentally Incompatible?" based on

This is what feminism has turned men into - neurotic and unprincipled - but feminists are too selfish to think of the long term consequences of having such an abysmal quality of masculinity in their country.

We already know that the male suicide rate is three times higher than the female suicide rate, but nobody really wants to do anything about it except throw money at it.

Feminists never think of the long term national interest anyway because these ideas are too abstract for them and they can only think of what they want.  Most women and feminists are incorrigibly materialistic and venal.

This rather explains why 83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did.

Martin Sewell's response on being told we are now personae non gratae.

"Goodness, we are political agitators.
I wasn't too impressed with them anyway:
I was never offered the shared room discount.
The written confirmation of my booking was delayed.
I asked if I could speak.  No reply.
I asked if I could speak again.  No reply.
I asked what the dress code was.  No reply.
Indeed, the one and only thing they were good at is taking our money!
Plus they never informed me that I was no longer welcome, I only received your forwarded email.  I was going and paying independently, so it is rather odd anyway.
I wasn't sure how big the conference would be.  So much for freedom to attend!"

I just hope no one paid for a ticket in the hope of spending a weekend with me, so to speak ...

The elephant they should be discussing is feminism.

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