Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A racist view of the stabbing of Ann Maguire

First, they thought it was a "half-breed".

Then, they thought he might be a child of a rioter.

And then they talked about their "negro alarm".

Then they discovered that the shit kid was white and middle class.

He is also named and identified on Facebook.  The saddest bit was where it said "No Friends To Show."
Was Ann Maguire the victim of liberal parenting?  Is liberal parenting better than Trojan Horse Muslim parenting?  What is so great about liberal parenting?  What is so great about being a divorced working mum? What should happen to him?  What should happen to his mother?  What should happen to his father? Would he have done what he did if he had not been deprived of his father by his mother?  Why did his mother deprive him of his father?

Is what she did similar in kind to what Adam Lanza's mother did to him?

Has feminism made white people degenerate? Does this culture collapse theory sound like what is happening to your society?

Would the return of male and parental authority return Western to society to sanity? Why are Western men so afraid of criticising sluts and bad mothers?  

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