Sunday, 20 April 2014

ALARMING and EXTREME censorship at Quora

What is so offensive about these questions?

What is so offensive about these posts?

What is so offensive about these answers?

Are women more easily offended than men?

This could be objectively measured by the nature and number of actions taken against Quora members judged to be offensive by male and female admins and members.

Taken as whole it could suggest that women are more censorious than men. Bearing in mind that women can vote, this would have an impact on our liberties that would be increasingly limited by government legislation introduced in an attempt to chase the female vote.

Claire Khaw - edit blocked from Quora for no apparent reason.
Is Quora inquorate without Claire Khaw?


A Facebook friend asks: "Is it possible, in the UK, to meet a sane woman under the age of 30 who hasn't already given birth to another man's mistake?" What does this say about the UK?

Possibly Insincere Question: This question has been flagged as possibly insincere.

When this topic tag is applied to a question, the question must also be reported along with a specific explanation as to what makes the question appear insincere.

Inappropriate application of this topic tag will be considered vandalism.

If you are the question asker, and would like moderation to consider removing the tag, you should both (1) send an email to and (2) post a comment on the question. Since this is a debate about the intent of the question asker, it is generally helpful if the asker is not anonymous; Quora Moderation is more likely to remove the topic if they know the question asker's name.évez It was a FEMALE admin who identified this question as "possibly insincere".

"How can a fact be "possibly insincere"? This comment was in fact made and it is well-known that there are many single mothers in Britain, as well as the rest of the West. Is Quora trying to stifle debate on a genuine social issue?" another female admin has flagged the question "Has feminism increased taxes and decreased liberty?" as "possibly insincere".

I believe I have now been permanently banned, at around 1700 hrs BST.

Anyone who would like to take it up with them should join and ask them:

"What did Claire Khaw say that was so bad that she had to be banned from Quora?"

Can you imagine yourself being immediately banned for daring to ask such a question by the female admins? I can. But do it anyway, if you value free speech, just to make a point.

On 21 April 2014 17:31,
Claire Khaw wrote:
May I know if I have been banned from Quora permanently?  If so, would you like to give a reason?
Claire Khaw

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 18:53:38 +0100
From: Tatiana Estevez
Hello Claire
Yes, you have been banned from Quora permanently.
Kind regards,
Quora Admin

To: Tatiana Estevez
Subject: RE: Blocked from editing
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 18:58:46 +0100
May I know why, please?
Claire Khaw

Colin Jensen added the Needs Attention topic.

Achilleas Vortselas redirected the question.
Achilleas Vortselas removed a question redirect.
Achilleas Vortselas redirected the question.

Needs Attention: This question has been flagged as needing attention from moderators. Moderators will look at this question and may decide to remove this topic tag, delete the question, or indicate that the question needs improvement in some way.

Quora Community: This topic is for questions about the personal preferences and interests of people who use Quora. Questions and answers with this topic are only shown in feed to people who follow the topic.

"I'm an admin and employee at Quora. Fyi - we don't disclose reasons why people are banned because it's not fair to the person.

You should know that Adam and Charlie (our founders) emphasize process, fairness, and rule-based decisions in moderation and it's important to us that we apply this philosophy in our choices."

Is that platitudinous CRAP or not?

What is the problem with this question?? It really is a stupid level of censorship.  This woman at is known to be particularly censorious and regularly abuses her power it has been said.  She appears to be the one who locked the question.  How long will this last?  Tracey Bryan removed the Threesome topic.



Ranabir Ganguly said...

She blocked me too.
I have known many who got blocked by her.

Anonymous said...

Liberals mostly run Quora and if you aren't nice (and I don't mean Nice France) the slightest mishap they will nail you and make you look bad or if you speak up against big corporations like I have which believe it or not they are mostly democrats.

When people argue against corporations it needs to make sense and if I fix the BS people spout out I get silenced.

It seems that on the web money walks and BS talks is the rule.

The web has been far removed from the early 90s of an open source of information back when live sys ops (system operators) used to run things and the only time you'd get kicked is if you actually were disruptive to threads trying to change the subject or coming in with foul language in a "F-you" manner thinking yourself funny when really nobody else is laughing and the sys op is most certianly not amused.

Anonymous said...

I really want to set fire to the main servers of Quora and have it be called an *engineering mishap*.

Anonymous said...

I think Quora is operated by mostly moderators from London, England. They all seem to be against free speech, and free thinking. If you ask a question about cops,law enforcement,FBI, CIA, or corrupt government agencies like the NSA, they will contact a government agency and have you put under surveillance. Another thing I've noticed is if a question isn't politically correct, they will mark it as "possibly insincere" or "needs improvement". If the question is not asked in proper "English language" you get criticised by members who tell you that your language is "repugnant" or learn to use spell check mate" If the question is approved and it goes against Big Pharma, Big government, Big Corporations, NASA,Global Warming, Al Gore, Psychiatry, Halliburton, cops, law enforcement, NSA, or anything that goes against modern liberalism, the question is downvoted to oblivion! So if anyone uses Quora, just know freedom of speech isn't protected because most likely their headquarters are in the UK.

JAE said...

I have just had a complete and very carefully worded answer censored by not publishing.
The Questioin was Do soldiers who surrender get punished.
My reply pointed out that although we the soldiers did not surrender in the War on Terror in Northern Ireland the Government did and that ex soldiers who served in NI are now being punished for basically a surrender they had no say in. This is evinced by prosecutions of ex-soldiers who killed IRA terrorists. Needless to say its been censored !!

Claire Khaw said...

Quora is run by Californian feminazis.