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Which is worse: Trojan Horse Muslim parenting or liberal parenting?
Muslim schools 'must respect British values' says Jack Straw as Birmingham MP admits there is a 'Trojan Horse' plot by extremists

Is British parenting liberal parenting?

1.  Imagine if there are two groups of people: one produced mainly suicide-bombing sons, and one produced mainly teacher-murdering sons. Which is morally superior?

  • The people who produced suicide bombers
  • The people who produced teacher-murdering sons

It is my belief that a person who murders out of conviction for his cause is better than someone who murders for personal reasons.

You can imagine an animal killing another animal for annoying him, but you cannot imagine an animal killing another for a political reason. A political reason is of course a moral reason, however misconceived.

It is our capacity for being able to conceive of and practise morality that makes us superior to lower animals. Muslim parents may produce suicide bombers, but it is single mothers who practise liberal parenting who produce murderous twisted shits like the boy who murdered his teacher in front of her class.  The single mothers of the murderers of Jamie Bulger were liberal parents par excellence.  How long will the liberal media and the liberal political establishment remain afraid to criticise the parenting skills of single mothers, who have the vote?

2.   Is indiscriminate universal suffrage a grave and continuing error?

3.   If so, why do we not rectify this as soon as possible before this cancer of society spreads even more?

4.   Are politicians too afraid to discuss this because women (who are mostly sluts/fornicatresses in Britain because most mothers in Britain have babies born out of wedlock have the vote?

5.   Are the mothers of bastards (SSMs likely to have higher morals than mothers of legitimate children?

6.   Are divorced mothers bad mothers for the same reason that SSMs are bad mothers?

7.   Are SSMs parasitical?

8.   Is there any danger of the parasites overwhelming the host by sheer weight of numbers?

9.   Should we worry that there are more SSMs than there are mothers of legitimate children with the vote?

10.   Should women have been given the vote?

11.   Would you have given women the vote if you knew this was going to happen to your country and your civilisation?

12.  If you were a murderer and you murdered for political reasons would you be a better person than a murderer who murdered for personal reasons?
  • Yes
  • No

13.  What are the advantages of having a son who was a suicide bomber over having a son who stabbed his teacher to death in class for "victimising" him?

The practical advantage, I would suggest, is that the inconvenience of having to visit your suicide bomber son in prison will not even arise because he will be conveniently dead, while people might expect you to visit your teacher-murdering son, and you will also be faced with questions about him and the kind of liberal single working mother parenting he received long long after the event.

14.  If your son had to be a murderer, which would you rather his reason be?

  • He was a terrorist killing to further political ends.
  • He stabs his teacher to death for "victimising" him.

15.  Which makes you a worse parent?
  • Your son stabs his teacher to death in class.
  • Your son was a suicide bomber.

16.  Which would you choose if you had to choose?
  • Your son stabs his teacher to death in class for "victimising" him.
  • Your son was a suicide bomber.

17.  What kind of parenting would the boy who stabbed teacher have received if his father had been in the home?

18.  Why are no questions being asked by female journalists about liberal parenting boy who stabbed teacher received from his working divorced mother?

19.  Should parents be made legally responsible for the actions of their murderous shit kids? 

20.  Would the boy who stabbed teacher to death not have done so had he not been deprived of his father?

21.  What kind of a mother produces a son who stabs his teacher to death in class? 

22.  Is honour killing the answer when you produce a shit kid who stabs his teacher to death in class?

23.  Did you know that the elder brother of the boy who murdered teacher had no social skills either according to his neighbours?

Rebecca Hardy, 21, said: ‘He would never look at anybody. He would literally walk face-down to the ground with his bag on his back. Once or twice I’ve tried to get him to make eye contact and smiled, but he’s never let on.’

She added: ‘They’re both quiet boys – if you said hello they probably wouldn’t say hello back. I would say they were a bit weird.’

24.  Do shit parents produce shit murderous kids?

25.  What would you want to happen to the shit kid who stabbed his teacher to death in front of his class if Ann Maguire had been your mother or your wife? has my my anti-feminist answer to this comment:

I would judge a mother on her morals and conduct towards her children. Not all children listen to or agree with their parents, not to mention external pressures from society and peers to steer the young away from the traditional and the established. Parents are just scapegoats for individual failure.

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