Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Are British parents now so degenerate they don't even warn their daughters about strange men and rape?

This woman's daughter met her rapist through BBM and had never met him before until the occasion when he and his mates raped her.
BBM means more then BlackBerryMessenger, if you will scroll down.

Didn't this stupid woman warn her daughter about going with strange men? Is she a single mother?

Nick Griffin said that these foreign sex predators show contempt for the British.

It is probably true that sex predators who come to Britain have a certain contempt for the British if they know that British single mothers never tell their daughters anything about going with strange men, let them run wild and take it on the chin if they get knocked up. They have probably already read about this kind of thing in reports about life in Britain and may come here specially to exploit the situation, who knows?

Perhaps the British should ask themselves what they have to gain by letting their daughters run wild, get raped and then whinge weakly that the police are now overwhelmed dealing with rape complaints by an avalanche of victims who were not told anything about men by their irresponsible mothers that they no longer have the resources and personnel to investigate every rape complaint properly?

I have always thought that even courtship for marriage is a kind of grooming anyway, and it is up to the sensible female to negotiate the best deal for herself.  In arranged marriages parents take an active interest in this. Is it now time for British parents to take an interest in keeping their daughters away from potential rapists and free of unwanted pregnancy even if they are not up to arranging a marriage for them? Do they need parenting classes just to get them to do this?

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