Monday, 26 May 2014

The Elliott Rodger Analysis of gender relations

Elliott Rodger already knew this. That was why he got angry.

Things to note:

  1. Monogamy is imposed by the institution of marriage ie sexual communism and true sexual equality: one woman for every man.  
  2. Going back to the matriarchy (ie not respecting the main principle of marriage, which is to frobid extramarital sex) means women will just choose alpha males, leaving sub-alpha men sexually frustrated with the more enterprising of them committing murder, rape, sometimes both, and sometimes on a mass scale, like Elliott Rodger.  
  3. If marriage were being respected, then couples would not be fornicating openly and shamelessly in front of the hungry eyes of sub-alpha males like Elliott Rodger. How would you feel if you were permanently hungry and people were just eating delicious food in front of your very eyes and mocking you? Is there a reason why jewellers do not display their wares on roadside stalls? Are you getting the idea now?
  4. Most mass murderers since the 1960s were sexually frustrated. They hated seeing what they thought were jerks and dumb jocks getting pussy from dumb sluts who scornfully and spitefully withheld sex from geeks and nerds. I guess over the years it can build up into a murderous rage. The American High School is a very cruel environment if you are not a cheerleader or a jock.  
  5. Elliott Rodger was a sexually frustrated beta male, who couldn't even find a girlfriend even with his pussy magnet of a black BMW.  He was obviously a saddo loser, but a clever and obsessive one whose life might have turned out better if he had received the help he should have received if his fucking father had been around if his fucking selfish cunt of a mother had not divorced him and deprived him of his father. It turns out that his father though apparently an alpha male of a pussy magnet was happy to be bossed around by his second wife and Elliott's stepmother, who ruled the roost.
  6. Do you think feminist-sluts will modify their behaviour and tentatively consider respecting the institution of marriage after this?  Will they fuck.
  7. How likely do you think there will be another slutwalk to mock beta males like Elliott Rodger on the streets of London, Paris, New York, Rome and the other major cities of the world?
  8. Provocation is a partial defence to murder.  It amuses me to think how, if Elliott Rodger had give himself up to the police what his lawyer could have done for him. A wife who murdered her husband while he was asleep successfully pleaded the "long fuse" argument in R v Ahluwalia What is surely sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander in our culture of gender equality. Rodger had clearly been provoked about 10 years before he finally snapped. is evidence of this.  
  9. Criminologists like that mangina Professor David Wilson (He is No 22 at will be too pussywhipped (his wife is a lawyer!) to even examine this issue in the way I have suggested at or perform his moral and academic duty to ask the questions I have suggested he ask. Instead, he will be toeing the line desired by the matriarchal state and advocate that the Americans henceforth omit the right to bear arms from their constitution when their government is showing every sign of becoming over-bearing and oppressive. He is after all a popular TV criminologist and knows on which side his bread is buttered, and probably what his wife will do to him if doesn't toe the PC Feminist line to her satisfaction. He would never read Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power in case his wife should catch him reading it.
I wonder what this quaint theory is.

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