Saturday, 3 May 2014

Your daughter is 15. Max Clifford is interested in taking her out on dates. What do you think he will be doing to her?

Paragraphs 5 to 14 describes exactly what happened to a 15 year old girl in that position.

Asian parents would know exactly what they are doing if they did that, but liberal parents are surprised and shocked, it seems. What are we to make of the intelligence levels and parenting skills of liberal parents? Could it be said that they are too stupid to have offspring?

We have all heard of parents who sell their daughters into prostitution or marriage, have we not? Marriage is only legalised prostitution, after all.

If you are going to sell your daughter to some man you might as well sell her to someone who will look after her long term and promises to have a life-long exclusive contract of sexual services with her, rather than to someone like Max Clifford who pumps and dumps, I would have thought.  

Have the liberal parents of Britain not heard of the casting couch and what ambitious female artistes are prepared to do to get to the top?

But, hey, if they don't succeed they can always sue the publicist.

Talking about publicists, I wonder if Max Clifford needs one. I could fit him in if he wants and am prepared to visit prisons.  

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