Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A curious definition of domestic violence

"he flew into a rage and ordered his then-girlfriend Wendy Drew to move out of his luxury flat in London after the argument in March"

"Terrified, Mrs Drew rang the police while Mr Ruffley went to find the concierge to have her thrown out of the building.

She was still on the phone when the MP returned, and the 999 call handler heard him shouting at her, the source said."

Ordering someone out of your flat is "assault", is it?

Finding the concierge to have someone thrown out of the building is "assault", is it?

Shouting at someone is "assault", is it?"

Or does this definition only kick in if it is a man doing it to a woman?

Most curious.

Like Charles Saatchi, he should not have accepted the caution, but idiot politicians these days don't even know how to look after their ow interests.  How, then, can we trust them to look after ours?

I was held for over 12 hours at Peckham Nick and I never accepted my caution. What is the matter with these "men"?

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