Thursday, 28 August 2014

On Muslim sex predators and their apparently superior skills of sexual preying

I think the real reason IC1 males are so angry with IC4 males is because they are not as good as IC4 males at being sex predators. I don't expect any Islamophobic BNP supporter to admit this though.

If IC1 males want to be better sex predators than IC4 sex predators, what must they do?

Getting a car helps so you can drive from place to place preying on schoolgirls.

Getting a car that is a pussy magnet would also improve your chances.

If you are a sex predator, should you be a lone sex predator or work with men of similar interests so you can share information, resources and victims?

If you are a sex predator, then you would probably enjoy voyeurism, exhibitionism and gang-bangs, so it would be advisable to work in gangs to maximise your opportunities for sexual preying.

Why are Muslim sex predators more effective than non-Muslim sex predators though?

Is it because there are just more of them, or because they are more organised?

Do Muslim sex predators tend to have more access to cars than non-Muslim sex predators?

Are Muslim sex predators better at co-operating amongst themselves than non-Muslim sex predators, who tend to be lone wolves?

Why do Muslim sex predators have more access to cars than non-Muslim sex predators?

Is there anything about their religion that makes Muslim sex predators more effective sex predators than sex predators of other races and religion?

Or is it because IC1 schoolgirls just find IC4 males more attractive?

Does a high concentration of young unemployed Muslim men living near to high concentrations of inadequately supervised vulnerable white schoolgirls from "problem families" living in an environment where under-aged sex is virtually normalised and statements likely to arouse racial antagonism forbidden by law explain away the apparently superior operational effectiveness of the Muslim sex predator?

I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

It is not that they are "Muslim" - The answer is that IC4 males are colonists replicating the behaviour of their homeland.

RL said...

IC4's have small dicks that's why many sensible IC4 women now go with IC3 or IC1 blokes.

IC4 males have small cocks that's why Asian women are falling for IC1's and IC3's as they both have bigger cocks than Asians,money is not everything the size of a cock is more important!

ST said...

Its really good that RL has carried out intensive studies on the size of mens cocks. I was just wondering what he used as a quality control guage showing sizes that pass and don't pass. lol if this is a sore point, I will understand you not wanting to tell us.

Claire Khaw said...

He probably sucks a variety of them in the dark and writes the length and girth down in his notebook making educated guesses as to whether they are cocks of 1C1 men, IC2 men, IC3 men, IC4 men, IC5 men or IC6 men ....

He has done so many he usually gets it right.