Sunday, 24 August 2014

Paedo squad now going for Cliff Richard. Who will be next? Julie Andrews?

Don't you just hate how so many people's memories of their youth and childhood are being trashed and dragged through the mire over allegations that will never reach the required criminal standard of proof because of the white man's obsession with appeasing SSMs which most British mothers are these days?

If paedophiles are mosquitoes, then SSMs are stagnant pools of water.

All this paedo hysteria started with the CRB checks to protect SSMs already furnished with council accommodation at taxpayers' expense who have the practice of letting men who are not the fathers of their illegitimate children shag and shack up with them, who later go on to take an unhealthy sexual interest in their daughters.

I know a very nice lady of a certain age who was a Cliff Richard fan and hate to think that all that she found good and nice about her youth has to be smeared with all this paedo crap that cannot logically ever reach the criminal standard of proof that would be required for a conviction in a fair trial.

How happy are you about this, if you are a man?

If you are a man, do you ever wonder why you are lower than an SSM?

If you think you know the reason, are you going to do or even say anything about it?

Did you know ALL British men are lower than SSMs, even David Cameron the supposed alpha male (a leader of beta males) of Britain who will be too shit scared to say or do anything about SSMs, who are the omega females of Britain? (An omega female is the least desirable female you can have to be your wife and mother of your children, by the way.)

Since you are all too beta, scared and stupid to do anything about that you deserve exactly what is coming to you when it gets worse. Next time you tell off a delinquent brat, he will accuse you of being an ugly filthy old paedo and call the cops on you. That is where it has led, and you better damn well hope you will be dead by the time the cops get round to checking your computer for paedo porn.  

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