Monday, 1 September 2014

Why sacking everyone in Rotheram local government will do NO GOOD AT ALL - a story that broke in 2012 - it is now 2014 is one of the main reasons why it was so easy for sex predators to abuse girls in council care. If you don't want your daughter to be sexually abused, don't send it into a care home and don't let her wander the streets all hours. If you don't want the daughters of unfit mothers to be abused, then you should condemn them.


If you condone extramarital sex you would soon find yourself condoning under-aged sex, if you condone under-aged sex you would have been one of the people closing one eye if you had anything to do with the care homes and were in a position of responsibility in Rotheram Cuncil.

How long has under-aged  sex been condoned,  all the way up to the House of Lords? Since 1985. What has happened now in Rotheram is only to be expected.

Even if all the sex predators were boiled or fried, it will do no good.

Even if all the Muslim population were boiled or fried, it will still no good either, because there will still be WHITE non-Muslim sex predators to prey on vulnerable schoolgirls inadequately supervised.

The BNP would even shut up about white sex predators preying on white schoolgirls, because they wouldn't mind so much if the sex predators were not Muslim. 


Anonymous said...

"Even if all the sex predators were boiled or fried, it will do no good."

Might be a start though.

Lots of people don't want their daughters in care, but they have no choice - thousands of children are stolen every year by social workers to feed the insatiable desires of paedophiles.

Claire Khaw said...

How are thousands of children stolen?