Friday, 19 September 2014

Why Western foreign policy is increasingly irrational and inexplicable

In the olden days, the alpha male would be chosen by the beta males, but now the alpha male is chosen by the omega female, ie the SSM.

The reason no male leader of any political party will denounce SSMs is because there are so many of them now and they all have the vote, and most British mothers are SSMs.

The official alpha male of Britain - the Prime Minister - is hardly going to admit to himself and to anyone else that he is in the unenviable position of being lower than an omega female.  (An omega female would be the SSM, the least desirable female partner if you are a looking for a wife or a mother for your biological and legitimate children.) He will deny that that is what he is now reduced into our liberal democracy practising indiscriminate universal suffrage.

The Western man is nowhere near admitting that he needs to give up his ways of cheap slut sex for the sake of his civilisation and future generations.

That is why politics in the West has become increasingly irrational, as if our leaders were suffering from dementia, which they are, of course.  This would explain their inexplicable, effeminate and demented foreign policy complained of by Brendan O'Neill at

Cameron and Obama really have no idea what they are doing and why they are doing it. They really really don't. They are just posturing and posing about getting tough with IS because that is the only thing left for them to do after the emasculation they must feel for being really lower than omega females.  They are lower than omega females because they fear to criticise them. Even Mitt Romney shut up after speaking the truth about single mothers, and that was why he didn't become US President.

SOLUTION: Disenfranchise women already known to be promiscuous, stupid and irresponsible. Disenfranchising non-taxpayers would be an excellent way of doing this. The overwhelming number of these SSMs are low-waged and/or welfare-dependent with their variously fathered feral bastards who will grow up to become NEETs. Disenfranchise non-taxpayers and relieve the low-waged from having to pay tax and you instantly get a more responsible and rational voter who will be cool with lower taxes and fewer laws as well as interested in foreign policy, selective education and punishing all those responsible for the retardation of British education.

What is to be done with these SSM omega females? It would be inhumane to leave them to starve on the streets after repealing the Equality Act 2010, so housing them in brothels would be the best way of making them  useful to society, where they can safely sell umarriageable men sexual services with less risk of being raped or murdered.  Their living conditions will be a daily reminder to women thinking of living the life of a slut to avoid getting knocked up, and this will encourage them to seek marriage instead of competing with men armed with the unfair advantage of totalitarian feminist legislation contained in the Equality Act 2010.

Is there a single male MP in the land prepared to discuss this? Of course not, which neatly makes my point about how cowardly, hypocritical, incompetent and corrupted and lowered in morals the male MP is.  If he is really so clever and in charge, he should be able to tell me exactly how and why I am wrong in my diagnosis of Western malaise, but he dares not engage, discuss this with his colleagues or close friends. He certainly won't be discussing any of what I have said with his wife or girlfriend. The only intimate he might just discuss this with would be his gay boyfriend.

Is it any wonder that even non-Muslims in the West are getting radicalised in the face of such depraved cowardice and incompetence from our so-called leaders?

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