Thursday, 20 November 2014

Men and women in the West suffering from complementary schismogenesis

That's Not What I Meant! by Deborah Tannen

COMPLEMENTARY SCHISMOGENESIS: a process by which two people exhibit more and more extreme forms of the behaviour that triggers in the other increasing manifestations of an incongruent behaviour, in an ever-worsening spiral.

Imagine that one person is talking slightly louder than the other. If their styles are similar, one or the other or both might adjust their level of loudness so they end up more or less the same. But if their ideas about how loud it's normal to speak are different, each speaker will be made uncomfortable by the other's volume. The slightly louder one might try to encourage the softer on to speak up by getting a little louder - to set a good example. And the slightly softer one might try to encourage the louder one to speak m more softly by setting a good example of softer speech. As each tries harder to remedy the situation, one gets louder and louder while the other gets softer and softer until one is shouting and the other whispering. Each unintentionally provokes the other to intensify the offending behaviour. As a result, rather than getting more similar, they get more and more different. That is complementary schismogenesis: creating a split in a mutually aggravating way.

Observing such behaviour from the outside, or looking back on it, we think it irrational or stubborn to do more of the same instead of changing tactics because ways of talking seem self-evidently appropriate. We look elsewhere for the causes of trouble and go on talking in the only way we know to go about talking.

Women are getting crazier, nastier and more promiscuous and men are responding by getting more stupid, skint and scared until we turn into a bee colony - an ultra matriarchy - or ISIS arrive in Britain after taking over Iran, Turkey and the rest of the EU.

The more resources and legal privileges women command, the more neurotic, malicious and irresponsible women are likely to abuse them.

Who is going to win in a fight between nations of men who are afraid to die, afraid of being deprived of sex and are afraid of sluts (Group A) and a group of warriors who are not afraid of sluts (Group B)?

Can you really blame young enterprising Muslim men already disgusted with the Slut Culture of the West for joining Group B because they don't want to become like the effeminate men of Group A?

The disturbing conveyor belt of death where male chicks are picked off and killed so you can have fresh eggs

Drone Bee: The life of the Male Honey Bee

Effeminate men of the West afraid of sluts

Warriors of ISIS

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