Saturday, 17 January 2015

British men now held so low that the word of just *one* slag is worth more than that of *two* professional footballers

The Koran at suggests that a man's testimony is worth twice as much as a woman's, even when the testimony of both male defendants corroborate each other's.

This is so even when all complainant are in effect financially incentivised to report rape, because if the accused is convicted, she would receive £11,000.

Not only are they already financially incentivised, they are now also encouraged by the CPS to report rape.

In 21st Britain the word of one slag is worth twice that of two professional footballers, and the UK Court of Appeal affirms this.

This is what "rape culture" means for men.

What would you prefer? Islamic State or this sort of shit? Or is there a middle way?

Ever wondered why our courts have a Leftist bias?

Leftie bishops, liberal judges, a biased BBC and how the gutless Tories lost control of our national institutions

Sex with consent ‘can still be rape’ says libtard judge Lord Judge

Igor Judge is a LIBTARD, a running dog of the feminazis and a feminazi apologist

SHOCK HORROR: arrested female judge also an SSM!

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