Monday, 26 January 2015

Greek women predictably vote for the most handsome Prime Minister

New Greek Prime Minister the young and sexy Alexis Tsipras

Do you think Alexis Tsipras benefited from the female vote?

Antonis Samaros - the outgoing Prime Minister - not that young and not that sexy

Do you think as many female voters voted for Antonis Samaros than voted for his replacement the young and sexy Alexis?

Nikos Mihaloliakos - leader of the anti-immigration Golden Dawn - not young or sexy at all.

Do you think the leader of Golden Dawn may have received the fewest female votes proportionately of all the parties?

Why females prefer immigrant males

Janusz Korwin-Mikke, leader of Poland's Congress of the New Right

Part of his distaste for modern Europe is driven by the position of women, who he says have replaced “privileges” with “equal rights”, a phrase Korwin-Mikke spat out as if it was an insult. Most want to stay at home to raise families, and can’t be trusted to vote, said the twice-married father of six. They are also, he claims, “less tall, less heavy, less intelligent, on the average”. And he adds: “Women usually vote for the more handsome man.”

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