Wednesday, 14 January 2015

If you were Segolene Vinson, would you feel morally and intellectually obliged to read the Koran?

I would. And I think she will.

Sigolène Vinson, 40, recalled how she had stared into the eyes of the killer, which were revealed by a slit in his hood. “He had big, black eyes, with a very gentle look and for a moment I felt that he was troubled,” Ms Vinson told the daily newspaper Le Monde. She said that the gunman – since identified as Saïd Kouachi, the older of the two brothers – said that he was “sparing her… and because I am sparing you, you must read the Koran”.

Sigolene Vinson, former actress and lawyer, now a novelist and commentator on legal affairs for Charlie Hebdo 

Charlie Hebdo attacks: 'Have no fear, we don't kill women,' gunman told massacre survivor

Perhaps after reading it she will promote Secular Koranism in France!

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