Sunday, 8 February 2015

Is Tom Holland an Islamophobe?

 Tom Holland talking gibberish and relishing telling Muslims that in his view that the Koran did not come from God. It is a bit like someone tapping a married father on his shoulder and pointing out to him that it is theoretically possible that his children are not his and that his wife bore the offspring of another man. It would be even more entertaining if such a hypothetical married father"took it the wrong way" and decided to give him a punch in the gob. It is almost entertaining to watch him pretend he does not know why Muslims do not quite see the point of his pontifications. If Holland had discovered documents referring to a plot to invent Islam and references to how much Muhammad was to be paid to pretend to be God's Messenger then there would be some point to this nonsense, but this empty theorising was really thought up to mock Muslims and get him a bit of attention as well as present him with an opportunity to be condescending towards Muslims.

I know most libtards are, and you have to hold libtard views as an academic to be a successful one, but a classical historian has no excuse.

 Camille Paglia:

Women played no part in Athenian high culture. They could not vote, attend the theatre, or walk in the stoa talking philosophy. But the male orientation of Greek culture was inseparable of its genius. Athens became great not despite but because of its misogyny.

As for Roman virtues, they are surely patriarchal moral values that are at odds with the effeminate, hypocritical, cowardly and mendacious male you keep seeing in academia, media and politics in our pornocratic matriarchy these days.

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