Saturday, 7 March 2015

Who are more responsible for Muslim terrorism?

If Western foreign policy causes Muslim terrorism then who is more responsible for terrorism?

Who is more to blame for Muslim terrorism?

  1. Western voters who keep voting for parties who are the poodles of America, who base their foreign policy on the Wolfowitz Doctrine or 
  2. Non-terrorist Muslims

Why don't we ask UK voters for their voting record?

Did they ever vote for a party on the basis of its foreign policy? (Expect a very blank look.)

Do they even know that all political parties that were ever in government without exception operated a Zionist foreign policy which Muslims might just find objectionable? 

Was an apology ever given for mistakenly invading Iraq?

Has Blair yet said sorry for ordering the invasion of Iraq?

Did you know that the only party in the UK that had a non-Zionist foreign policy was the BNP infamous for its Islamophobia?

Did you know that the only way Muslims could peacefully object to UK foreign  policy was through publicly declaring that they would vote BNP (who hate them)?

Are you surprised that Muslims have not done so in numbers significant enough to make the LibLabCon change their foreign policy?

Did you know one of the killers of Lee Rigby actually considered doing this, and then dismissed the idea?

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