Sunday, 12 April 2015

Free Love and how it is bad for your society

In some ways MGTOW is an offshoot of the free love movements of the past. Free love is typically a social movement that rejects marriage because it sees it as a form of social and financial bondage. And free love as about getting the state out of the bedrooms of its citizens. The idea is that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the people and that it needed to be pushed out. Today we have a hybrid form of free love. There's free love for women but the same types of social contracts for men or worse ones. The few men that are still the main breadwinners of the family being punished for loving more then ever. But women are getting free love. They are free to migrate from one partner to another and have the full enjoyment of sexual mobility. Not only is free love given to them but women over the last few forty to fifty years have been rewarded for exercising their option to express free love. All of this started coming about after the introduction of the birth control pill. And it was around that same time the hippy subculture rose in the 1960s. And then the free love movement culminated in the late sixties and early seventies as no fault divorce and abortion were introduced. And then ended around the end of the Vietnam war. At that point women didn't have to dress like hippies to tell everyone that they were about free love. That they didn't need to get married to dole out intimacy like dog treats to men. The Hippy uniform was one that was no longer required because people in society started taking part in free love into their own way without dressing up as hippies. Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and Woodstock in 1969 all pushed the idea of free love into the consciousness of American society. And from there it spread out into the rest of the world. The idea I believe was to trick the people into thinking the state was not really interested in controlling the bedrooms of America. People felt free but at the same time men's rights were taken away shortly after there was a big push towards freedom. The same thing is now happening with the gay community. Gays are now being pushed to marry and form state sponsored couples. But it was only a few decades ago where being gay was not accepted. First it needed to become culturally accepted for people to become gay before the state could create laws like gay marriage and common-law to enrich the lawyers and take away the rights of gays. First you give them rights and then you take those rights away. Men in the 1960s and 1970s were given free love alongside women but then men had their free love taken away. And as men we are worse off then before we got free love. If you think about MGTOW today as a culture, men going their own way are not being recognized. Instead we are being shamed and ridiculed much like gays were two or three decades ago. But at some point if the state so desires it will give men rights but only to then take them away.

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