Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Anjem Choudary makes #election2015 promises on behalf of the #StayMuslimDontVote Party

To vote for Anjem Choudary's Stay Muslim Don't Vote Party, all you have to do is spoil your ballot paper. 


Anonymous said...

You sir are a fuck wit and I hope when you did and go to your so called paradise that the 72 virgins are those that have been killed by your foul idioligy. You are a hypocrite you use to drink womanise and take drugs and now you preach this stifling crap that was written by a skitzopedorapistmurder named Mohammed. Who lived 1400 years ago and basically copied the jewish and Christian writing of the time and then put his own murderous veru's down on paper (that isn't fit to wipe the arse you sit on).
The world is waking up to you foul imbred cunts, uoubtake womens rights away from them, you want to take freedome of speech and religion away from people. And the dribble you have written on this blog smacks of communism which failed. Shariah law has no place in western society you stupid little man. What changed you from the druggy drunk you where did you get 1 to many knock backs from the women around you because they saw what a sleazy little camel jockey you are.

snork maiden said...

@Anonymous, to be fair Choudary didn't knowingly contribute to this blog, Claire just cut and pasted from his twitter feed.

I'd be interested to know how Choudary would expect to pay for all the promises he makes, he says nothing about crippling taxation.

Claire Khaw said...

Under Secular Koranism all citizens of a Khavian Secular Koranist state would have the constitutional right not to be taxed more than a flat rate tax of 20% under the Koranic principle of khums.

Slavery would be reintroduced and all the functions of the state narrowed and streamlined.

snork maiden said...

So, citizens only pay 20% tax while all utilities work, teaching, medical care etc, would be done for free by slaves? Yes I suppose not paying people is one way to save public money. Good luck with that.

Claire Khaw said...

I am well aware that the infantilised British (and by this I mean both voters and the voted for) are incapable of facing hard facts.

I know what I propose is unpopular and I know what you want to do is shoot the messenger. Denial is a feminine trait.

snork maiden said...

It's not so much a question of unpopular, as kind of ridiculous. I have no desire to shoot you for speaking your opinion, I'm very much opposed to the governments new anti-extremism proposals. Throwing gendered slurs at me doesn't add validity to your argument.

I was just trying to clarify that you're seriously suggesting that all the necessary work be done by unpaid workers and that's how we'll manage by charging the monied classes 20%. Btw, if we reintroduce slavery, how do we feed and cloth them, given tax revenue will be so reduced?

Currently sharia law only flies in countries which either rely on oil revenues or ones which languish in extreme poverty. I'm wondering how it could work in an industrialized nation.

Claire Khaw said...

The owners/hirers of slaves will be obliged to house and feed them. That is what I meant by a slavery being an alternative form of welfare.