Thursday, 4 June 2015

My complaint to the BBC about its coverage of feminism and their response

4 June 2015 at 2:08 PM
To Claire Khaw

Dear Ms Khaw

Thanks for contacting the BBC. This is an automated email acknowledging that we’ve received the attached complaint sent in this name. We’ve attached the case reference and text of the complaint for your records (see below).

We’ll normally include the full text of your complaint to BBC staff in the overnight reports we compile for them about the complaints and other reaction we’ve received today (with all your personal details removed). This ensures it will reach the right people quickly tomorrow morning. We’ll then aim to reply to you within 10 working days, or around 2 weeks, but it also depends on the nature of your complaint and whether the relevant people can respond to us in time.

We aim to use your licence fee as efficiently as we can, so if you complained about the same issues as others we will send our response to you and everyone. For the same reason we may not investigate or reply in great detail if a complaint doesn’t suggest a potential breach of BBC standards, or a significant issue of general importance. You can read about our full complaints procedures and how we consider issues which people raise with us at

This acknowledgment is automatically generated from an unmonitored address so please don’t reply. If you think you’ve received this in error please contact us using our webform at, quoting your case reference number.
Here are the details of your complaint:

Complaint Summary: BBC coverage of feminism is entirely in its favour
Full Complaint: No BBC reporter will make the link between feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, single motherhood, under-achievement, criminality, mental illness as well as racial and national degeneracy however often I point this out to BBC reporters on Twitter. All your coverage of feminism assumes there is not enough of it or assumes it is a force for good.
Thank you again for contacting us,
BBC Complaints team
Please note: this email is sent from an unmonitored address so please don’t reply. If necessary please contact us through our webform (please include your case reference number).


12:19 PM  5 June 2015
To Claire Khaw

Dear Ms Khaw

Thank you for getting in touch with your complaint regarding BBC coverage of feminism.
I understand you feel certain reports on feminism biased against are biased in its favour.

BBC journalists are well aware of our commitment to impartial reporting. They are expected to put their own views to one side when carrying out their work for us but I am sorry to hear you feel this has not been the case.

All our reporters seek to provide the information which will enable viewers and listeners to make up their own minds; to show the reality and provide the forum for debate, giving full opportunity for all viewpoints to be heard. However, it is not always possible or practical to reflect all the different opinions on a subject within individual programmes.

Editors are charged to ensure that over a reasonable period they reflect the range of significant views, opinions and trends in their subject area. We do not seek to denigrate any view or to promote any view, however I understand that you feel we have failed in this respect.

With this in mind, I have now included all your concerns on our Audience Feedback Report which will be sent overnight to our news teams across the BBC.

This report is also used by senior editorial staff, the Executive Committee and the BBC Trust to keep a close watch on programmes, thus ensuring that standards of impartiality are maintained.

I thank you again for taking the time to raise your concerns and for offering this valuable feedback which will be seen by the right people very quickly.

Kind regards
Pearce Cullen
BBC Complaints


Jane Kuhfahl said...

Bravo! Claire!

AC said...

Claire has attracted BBC attention , with her major concern on Feminism. BBC is never impartial. It is a great whore , in bed with Capitalists and corrupt elements in society.

AB said...

" With this in mind, I have now included all your concerns on our Audience Feedback Report which will be sent overnight to our news teams across the BBC. " So... the BBC no longer even attempt to claim that they are serious investigative journalists .... they take the feedback and obviously mould the programs to please the audiences.

CH said...

Pearce Cullen looks like a hipster beta male twat. I wouldn't expect him to take any of your concerns seriously.