Friday, 12 June 2015

Proof positive that male academics fear feminazis too much stand by any truth or principle

Sir Tim Hunt resigns from university role over girls comment


This story provides further evidence that we truly live in a fascist state. Even Tim Hunt's original comments were tainted by political correctness.

He first felt the need to state that he has a reputation as a 'male chauvinist', as if male scientists should feel the need to denigrate themselves before speaking honestly about women.

He then begins with 'let me tell you about my trouble with girls', indicating that he is speaking personally.

He went on, 'you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you'. Given that everything we do is instrumental to reproduction, this is eminently reasonable. But again, he was being politically correct. He implied symmetry between men and women, but in a scientific laboratory where intelligence is rated over beauty, the women are more likely to be attracted to the men, than vice versa, relative to the world at large. Universities function as highly effective 'marriage markets' for female students and staff, as academia is a good source of intelligent and reliable men.

He continued with 'when you criticise them, they cry'. Given the context, speaking as an invited speaker where his task was to engage with and entertain the audience, hyperbole is to be expected (science is dry and dull). Women are ultimately concerned about inter-personal matters, rather than the task at hand, so would be more sensitive to criticism, and it is common knowledge that women have a much higher propensity to cry than men.

He goes on, 'I'm in favour of single-sex labs'; again, this is over-egalitarian, as there is no symmetry, women working for women works less effectively than any other combination. A lab with female bosses and female underlings involves forcing women, who are used to a fairly equitable and personal social network, into the inequitability and impersonality of a hierarchy.

A statement from UCL said that his resignation 'is compatible with our commitment to gender equality.' This concisely evidences the politically correct totalitarian state of academia in the West today. Firstly, the term 'gender' (as opposed to 'sex') implies that the significant dichotomy among people is socially constructed, rather than biological: this is not science, but politically-inspired nonsense. Secondly, things that are different are not equal: to assume equality is false, whilst attempting to enforce it is totalitarian.

UCL urged a Nobel laureate to resign for speaking honestly. This is an utter disgrace. That he had no visible support evidences the reality of academics today: fascists and cowards.

  • Jon As Crowcroft nice example of godwin's law operating faster than usual
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  • D'Maris Coffman I work at UCL so let's be clear that my views are not that of the management. But I have a lot of time for Michael Arthur and I think I can see what happened. Hunt's position was an honorary professor, an act of co-branding given the fact that he won a Nobel Prize and is retired and living out his career on one of those Royal Academy grants. Honorary professorships (except amongst clinical faculty who have teaching obligations in exchange for theirs) are kept up as long as they're beneficial to both sides. Hunt must know this. And while I would not personally have asked him to resign over it, I am not hugely surprised they did, precisely because there wasn't much to resign.
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  • D'Maris Coffman I don't understand Martin Sewell's unpacking of this, though. I can assure you that women can be far more ruthless than men, and that women who make it to the top of any field, including science, scarcely behave in the way Hunt believes. He wasn't speaking any recognisable truth so much as flattering himself that he's the object of female postdoc's fantasies. He should be so lucky. As for women crying, good grief. Men assume that women cry to manipulate men. That might be true on some occasions, but having an 8-week old infant, I can assure you people cry when they've overwhelmed. Men largely have that beaten out of them, and thus come to fear tears. But they're just tears, as the female pilot points out to the sergeant in 'Blackhawk Down'. They seem to paralyse men more than women. tongue emoticon
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  • Simon Newman I don't agree with most of his comments, but making him resign is disgraceful.
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  • Claire Khaw What is to be done to fight the feminazification of Britain?
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    • D'Maris Coffman If you honestly think this is an example of feminazification, then I think you probably have been reading The Daily Mail too often. We don't even know the circumstances of the resignation (did he offer it? was it solicited? was it tendered in response to a request for a fuller apology, etc?), and even if it was requested, sacking someone from an honorary post as an act of reputation management is scarcely censorship. You'd have a better argument if the Royal Society took drastic action and terminated his grant.
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    • Claire Khaw We know it was over what he said as a JOKE. What else could it have been?
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    • D'Maris Coffman Have you read the remarks? It's more like a schtick than a joke, and it gave offence in the same way Niall Ferguson's 'joke' about Keynes not carrying about the future because he was gay and didn't have kids gave offence. But at least Ferguson climbed ...See More
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    • D'Maris Coffman But look, I'm senior staff at UCL which is defined as Grades 9 and 10 (Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor). You might argue that 'she would say that, wouldn't she?' But I can put myself in Michael Arthur's shoes and get to a stage where I asked Hunt to...See More
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    • Claire Khaw For a senior scientist to resign over a joke is conclusive evidence that men have lost the plot and the feminazification of Britain is virtually complete.
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    • D'Maris Coffman No, it's not. For a semi-retired senior scientist to resign from an honorary position over a rambling schtick that many people found offensive is just evidence that universities are keen to manage their brands. They didn't fire him from an actual job, you know. tongue emoticon
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    • Claire Khaw We all know how humourless feminazis are and how spineless British men are after the feminazis have systematically removed their backbone like they were filleting fish.
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    • D'Maris Coffman I'm tired of having a battle of wits with the unarmed. tongue emoticon
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    • Claire Khaw I know it was symbolic, in just the way Napoleon snatching the crown from the Pope and crowning himself was symbolic. British men will not fight this, I know. They will just roll over to have their testicles sliced off.
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    • D'Maris Coffman Do you really believe that or is someone paying you to generate this stuff? Nick Di Liberto can assure you that I am very, very far from a feminazi, but your world view seems to be divided into feminazis and troglodytes. tongue emoticon Bit too Manichean for my tastes.
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    • Claire Khaw I do hope sensible rational women now make a point of avoiding spineless gelded British men from now on and not have anything to do with them at all except perhaps to spit in their faces. They truly are the most contemptible race of all.
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    • Brian McIntosh Claire Khaw, why don't you respond to the points D'Maris is making? Debate can't happen if one party effectively keeps saying the same things over and over (ie your posts) regardless of what anyone else is saying.
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    • Claire Khaw What point would you like me to respond to?
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    • Brian McIntosh All of them please.
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    • Claire Khaw Name just one. None of them was a proper question, were they?
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    • Claire Khaw

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  • D'Maris Coffman I am sure Jack Lynch, who is a grown-up in academic life as in the other sort, would be glad to explain, as an ex-dean, how conversations that start from 'work with me here, and we'll find a way to spare your miserable hide' rapidly turn into 'I'm going to crucify that crazy SOB'. wink emoticon
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  • John Kelsey Some years ago as director of another MSc course I used part of my induction talk to describe the academic staff which ended "...and finally we have one member of staff who has a First-Class degree in Project Management for Construction, a PhD in Chemistry and is a qualified Barrister...and by the way guys, she's blonde." That caused great hilarity among the female students and put the men in their place if they had any doubts about female academic abilities in science (or anything else). I have another friend who did her PhD in Life Sciences at UCL and had lunch today with a group of singing friends which included an attractive UCL female academic who I would place money on to be a future Nobel Laureate in Physics. I suspect they might be offended by the stupidity of Sir Tim's remarks but in the same breath dismiss them as examples of old-fashioned male chauvinism. I am not sure whether Sir Tim had considered that some male scientists might have fallen in love with other male scientists in the lab from which his logic would lead to a suite of one-person labs. Finding lab assistants might be a problem. As D'Maris says being an Honorary Professor is not a big deal but such people are supposed to represent UCL to the outside world and clearly this is not the image that UCL wishes to project. Finally I have another longstanding female colleague who is now a UCL Professor. If Sir Tim is under the illusion that women are the weaker sex this female Professor is also an ex-sergeant who served in the Israeli Defense Forces. So perhaps it is just as well that he resigned for his own safety if nothing else.
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  • Claire Khaw

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    • D'Maris Coffman When you managed to get expelled from the BNP for your lack of political correctness, I am not sure you can expect the rest of us to take your pronouncements on this subject seriously. Just sayin'.
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    • D'Maris Coffman They're not your friendly feminist knitting circle. tongue emoticon
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    • Claire Khaw You would be surprised at how desperate for feminine approval the BNP were which allowed many female members to wield disproportionate power because of their rarity. 

      The BNP are really just pussycats afraid of their own shadow. 

      My expulsion was instigated by an unmarried mother with illegitimate and disabled offspring ostensibly for what I said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show. has links to the transcript and recording which you can still hear.

    • Nick Di Liberto D'Maris Coffman. Who the hell are these people? I thought these looney 'war on manhood'/reverse discrimination arguments were restricted to the American libertarians and FoxNews. I think this person just trolled you to advertise his/her blog.
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    • D'Maris Coffman I know Martin Sewell as a special supervisor in Cambridge. Not sure where the others came from.
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    • Nick Di Liberto Gosh. I hope I didn't offend anyone in Cambridge. I dreamed that one day I would enjoy Trinity Burnt Cream and be carried to lecture in a palanquin driven by eunuchs. Instead, I've been ensnared in the feminazi new order! My manhood taken by some broad in a pantsuit! Save me, Sir Tim!
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    • Martin Sewell D'Maris, I didn't realise that I was special. smile emoticon Funnily enough, before I was the victim of a similar witch hunt, initiated by CUSU, I was being groomed for a position at your very own college.
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    • D'Maris Coffman Not exactly. We don't 'groom' special supervisors for positions at any college, though some go on to apply for college lectureships. You really shouldn't go around claiming otherwise. All you did was a few maths supervisions for us in a pinch.
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    • Martin Sewell I was a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Land Economy for 2.5 years. In total, I have worked for four departments at the University of Cambridge. I am not, and never have been, a 'special supervisor' (sic). I supervised no less than 27 students in parallel in maths and econometrics. I also worked privately for a Fellow on more than one occasion, I was taken to lunch at Newnham, and potential college roles were mentioned.
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    • D'Maris Coffman Your only affiliation with Newnham that I know of was teaching some Paper 1 supervisions for us at the pro-pay rate (paid to special supervisors which includes some minor dining rights) in early 2012. Whatever affiliation Land Economy tried to arrange for you is another matter, but even then there was no grooming involved.
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    • D'Maris Coffman It is true that we are so desperate for economics teaching that we regularly approach senior postdocs in appropriate faculties about doing some for us in exchange for dining rights and a few minor privileges. But don't flatter yourself.
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    • Martin Sewell I'd sooner be judged by my science than my dining rights!
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    • D'Maris Coffman Fair enough, but then don't claim you were a victim here. The reality is that economics teaching is hard to come by in Cambridge because the Economics Faculty tells its junior post holders not to bother becoming college fellows. So colleges, especiallywomen's colleges, have to be very broadminded about approaching a range of people: temporary lectures, senior postdocs, etc - about filling colleges roles that would normally be filled by university lecturers. It says a lot about the Economics Faculty's attitude to ugrad teaching, but not much about the esteem in which a college holds any particular candidate.tongue emoticon
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    • Claire Khaw Is the father of your child an academic at UCL?
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    • Martin Sewell I've never studied economics in my entire life. tongue emoticon
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    • D'Maris Coffman No. I don't date academics at my own university as a rule. It's not good for business.
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    • Claire Khaw How do you think your adult son will feel when he knows you have deprived him of his legitimacy and his father?
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    • D'Maris Coffman The fact that you, as a complete stranger, would ask that question on FB is the real reason even the BNP and UKIP have decided you're toxic. It's rather unbelievable. But for what it's worth, he'll be fine. And I suspect my son has a better chance of, I dunno, going to Harvard, Cambridge, and working an investment bank than yours does. If downward social mobility is the complaint you have about single mothers.
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    • D'Maris Coffman I should warn you, though, that I do know how to instruct solicitors. And if you libel me, or my son, or my family as a whole, in front of anything like an audience (and a few FB friends hardly qualifies), I can assure you that you'll be hearing from one. 'Slut-shaming', or whatever it is you do for a living, is all well and good, until it becomes libellous.
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    • Claire Khaw How would I be libelling you if I only speak the truth, and only obtained my information from the horse's mouth, so to speak? 

      I mean by that yourself, of course. 

      A defence to libel would be truth, for truth justifies any defamatory statement.

      It would be nice to have a legal definition of slut which must logically and necessarily mean a fornicatress, which is considered a mortal sin.

      I would be arguing that a virgin who fornicates for the very first time and gets herself knocked up would by definition be a slut. 

      A slut is a promiscuous woman who has sex with a sex partner or sex partners she should not have had sex with and who get her into trouble eg knocked up or having illegitimate offspring. 

      The sluttery is crystalised, so to speak, when illegitimate offspring is produced without a marriage certificate. 

      Slut behaviour is now normal and accepted in the West as is widespread bastardy. I am saying it is a bad thing but is now considered socially acceptable and am indeed campaigning for sluts to be shamed.

      (1)It is a defence to an action for defamation for the defendant to show that the imputation conveyed by the statement complained of is substantially true.
    • Claire Khaw It would be interesting to see if the Pope is able to declare whether SSMs have committed a mortal sin. 

      I can imagine him ducking out of this debate, but Muslim scholars would be less afraid of feminazis than effete Catholics anxious to come to an accommodation with the international matriarchy.

      Mortal sins ((Latin) peccata mortalia) in Catholic theology are wrongful acts that condemn a person to Hell after death if...
    • Claire Khaw Under Sharia law, what you have done would make you guilty of a sexual offence attracting corporal punishment of 100 lashes for sex criminals of this nature.

      Surat An-Nur [verse 2] - The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse - lash each one of them with a...
    • Claire Khaw It is with regret I have to inform those of you gentlemen considering the feasibility of putting feminazis like D'Maris back in their places that only state-imposed social conservatism based on Secular Koranism would be strong enough to eradicate feminazism. 

      There is no point using a spatula to move a mountain. Sadly, however, spineless men are these days too afraid of even saying the word "spade" much less "shovel" when a fleet of bulldozers is required. 

      A few of them might be moved to say "trowel" but they would only be made to resign from their posts by the feminazis.
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    • Toby Smith What an unkind person!!
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    • Claire Khaw Sometimes, one has to be cruel to be kind.
    • Toby Smith There's nothing kind in what you say. I, unlike you, don't have the time to debate that. Nor, do I have the words to counter what you believe to be right, and that only you can be right.
    • Claire Khaw I expect all male academics to make ambiguous and intellectually incoherent responses on this thread and I thank you very much for taking the trouble to comment and proving my point.
    • D'Maris Coffman I should apologise for losing my temper, but I guess she got up my nose.
    • Toby Smith I dropped out of college and am just a layman. One that has succeeded in life by treating others kindly and with love and respect. I have more recently believed more greatly in karma and timing of things in life........ Both of which I am certain will be proven to all
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