Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Claire Khaw reconciles what E O Wilson said was irreconcilable

"Selfishness beats altruism in groups. Altruistic groups beat selfish groups, and everything else is commentary."

"Human nature is hung in the balance: our behaviour driven by selfishness and our desire to co-operate to ensure the survival of the group."

"The tension between individual and group selection is the tension between sin and virtue."

E. O. Wilson:

"Of course, there is no reconciliation between the theory of evolution by natural selection and the traditional religious view of the origin of the human mind."

I have reconciled the two by the following:

"God if He exists is Darwinian. He means to demonstrate to us that those who follow His laws most closely will triumph over those who flout His laws. For this reason it is not looking good for the West, even if ISIS do occasionally misinterpret the Koran."

God (if He exists) is Darwinian

F Schmidt:
Jews have been corrupted during many time in history, but each time those Jews that return to religion and virtue cause Judaism to survive for another round of productivity.  No culture has been productive as long as Judaism for the simple reason that no culture has known God for as long as Judaism has.

Is there a single counterexample?  Is there a single case in history where a people from a decayed culture rose again without God?  I can't think of one.  So why is this?  Those with faith may find this question silly.  They will say that those who obey God's will are rewarded and no other explanation is needed.  But as a skeptic, I want to show that God's will is explainable and that the theory of evolution explains it well.  So I will argue that the evolutionary salvation of a people requires two critical elements, that they worship one god, and that this god is the correct god. 

So not only does the Old Testament give the correct rules to optimize human evolution, it also gives the correct warnings of what will result from not following these rules.  In fact the broad story told in the Old Testament begins with God giving the Israelites the right rules.  The Israelites follow these rules for a while and so they become successful and prosperous.  Then success causes them to begin to sin.  So their decay begins.  The more they violate God's laws, the more they decay and the weaker they become.  Finally their country falls to Babylon and they go into exile.  But then they return to following God's law and find salvation which allows them to survive and eventually begin again in Jerusalem.  This story makes the same point that I am making in this article, that salvation can be found by following God's law.  The Old Testament is the only book that I know of that goes through the entire life-cycle of a culture along with a complete analysis of what happened and why.


MR said...

God is Darwinian? Interesting...

Claire Khaw said...

He wants us to go forth, multiply, fight each other to prove that those who follow His laws will always do better than those who don't.