Friday, 17 July 2015

How to prevent radicalisation

The only way to prevent radicalisation is to stop people from thinking and forming their own conclusions about the evil criminal enterprise that is Western foreign policy.

The radicalised are divided between those who would never commit violence in pursuance of a political cause and those who would.

Young men are more prepared to do this kind of thing than senescent and effeminate men of the West, but this sort of thing is not unheard of in the white atheist male, if you can remember Anders Breivik.

Eventually, Western governments will make themselves so unpopular that they will be overthrown and an alternative form of government will replace the stinking shit that is liberal democracy.

You see, these radicalised Muslims have worked out that Western foreign policy is the result of Western democracy, and they have formed the very rational conclusion that they must destroy Western democracy to effect a change in Western foreign policy.

What is Western democracy but the declared indifference of Islamophobic Western voters to Western foreign policy?

Quite a few of them unashamedly say they want to kill Muslims for being Muslims and seem to be of the view that their NATO God of War can do no wrong and that American Exceptionalism is justified.

These Muslim terrorists, if they speak to non-Muslim Western citizens at all, would know how much the Western political classes are already despised.

Soon, our government will want to prevent us from forming the conclusions I have formed and disseminating these conclusions.

When Western governments ban free speech and criminalise views, Western civilisation as we know it will have been destroyed by the degenerate effeminate political classes who are currently run government and politics.

When they do this, it will be a signal for dissidents to rise up against the government.

The degenerate political classes are hoist by their own petard having painted themselves into a corner of policy contradictions and ideological inconsistencies. Indeed, it is nothing short of political and ideological dementia and a sign of mass and collective insanity. Every move they make puts them in check or checkmate.

Even if these degenerates go so far as to conduct a pogrom, expel or execute all Muslims in the West for being Muslims, close down every mosque, burn every Koran they can lay their filthy degenerate slut-stained hands on and ban Islam, THEY WILL HAVE LOST.

They will have lost because if they ban free speech and abolish the principle of religious freedom, then Western civilisation as know it will have ended.

Abolishing free speech and religious freedom would be the equivalent of Muslims giving up two of their five pillars of Islam.

These degenerate white men even get brown women to fight their filthy wars.

Meet the Kurdish Women Fighting ISIS in Syria

The female Kurdish pop star with assault rifle rings who inspires troops with her songs about destroying ISIS

ISIS beheads Kurdish female fighter “Rehana”

That is of course conclusive evidence that Western men no longer have any masculine pride and are no longer capable of feeling shame.

But then what can we expect of men who are lower than sluts, who don't mind being lower than sluts and who will continue denying that they are lower than sluts because they have taken on the feminine vice of denial?

These men white men are now so demented that they have now agreed to pay a foreign woman woman lots of money to prosecute and persecute them for years and years.

Today, on BBC Woman's Hour at female MPs were whingeing about the fact that there has never been a female Defence Secretary. That would be just too demoralising and insulting to the Armed Forces and would result in a coup d'etat, probably.

We already have a female Home Secretary in the position of wishing to wound but being afraid to strike about the water cannons so thoughtfully purchased by the London Mayor.

As I have pointed out many a time already, ISIS is the international patriarchy declaring war on the international matriarchy.

The world is now divided between those who think extramarital sex is a human right, and those who don't want this kind of degenerate shit because they have seen what it has done to the white man.

How do you know if your society is degenerate?

By these signs:

  1. Most voters are degenerate bastards and sluts who care more about having their right to have extramarital sex than in supporting the institution of marriage. 
  2. No one will acknowledge that the only way to support marriage is to have laws that support marriage which punishes extramarital sex or to have a religion that makes people think they will go to hell if they have extramarital sex.
  3. No political party will support marriage because they know most voters are sluts and bastards
  4. Most people won't know what degeneracy means because most people are degenerates. 
  5. Most people will deny they are degenerates because they degenerate.
  6. Most people will say degeneracy doesn't matter because degenerates would say that, wouldn't they?

It would be the easiest thing to discourage thought and the forming of reasonable and logical conclusions from undisputed facts from a society of degenerates who would never stand up for any principle, truth or viewpoint.

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