Friday, 4 September 2015

The evolutionary consequences of not respecting marriage


"Marriage is an institution; it places artificial limits on women’s choices. To repeat: Nature dictates that males display and females choose. Monogamy artificially strengthens the male’s position by insisting that 1) each female must choose a different male; and 2) each female must stick to her choice.

Monogamy entails that highly attractive men are removed from the mating pool early, usually by the most attractive women. The next women are compelled to choose a less attractive mate if they wish to mate at all. Even the last and least of the females can, however, find a mate: For every girl there is a boy.

Abolishing marriage only strengthens the naturally stronger: It strengthens the female at the expense of the male and the attractive at the expense of the unattractive.

Marriage, like most useful things, was probably invented by men: Partly to keep the social peace, partly so they could be certain their wives’ children were also their own. The consequences of marriage must have appeared soon after its institution: the efforts previously spent fighting over mates were replaced by strenuous exertions to provide for, rear, and defend offspring. No doubt surrounding tribes wondered why one of their neighbours had recently grown so much stronger. When they learned the reason, imitation must have seemed a matter of survival.

It was, and it still is. If the Occident does not restore marriage, we will be overwhelmed by those who continue to practice it."

My review of Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power: 


Anonymous said...

What is the point of spamming this all over twitter? It's ALL assumptions. Stop wasting your life and grow the hell up. Even though you will delete this comment, it's still true. You are wasting your time, and everyone else's. Go do something productive.

Claire Khaw said...

Nothing childish about uncompromisingly supporting marriage when the evidence of the dysgenic effect of feminism is there for all to see.