Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ann Parkinson was wise indeed not to have divorced Cecil Parkinson

In his memoirs, Lord McAlpine, the former Tory party treasurer, recalls how, at the conference, he witnessed "the most extraordinary human drama" as Parkinson and his wife discussed the matter on the eve of his resignation.

He wrote: "Cecil and Ann prepared for bed, both insisting that we stay. As they busied themselves, changing into their nightclothes, they kept up a dialogue - he expressing his love for her and fear that she might leave. 'I love you. I could never manage without you,' he kept repeating."

Why would he want to see that retarded bastard that his ex-mistress tricked him into having?

The only purpose that misbegotten creature served was to be used as a weapon by her mother to blackmail her ex-lover who chose not to divorce his wife and marry her.

Having a baby with Sara Keays wasn't part of the deal when he fucked her, and she should have known that because she was aware of his marital status.

Sluts who think every man - especially one already married to someone else - who fucks them wants to have a baby with them should be spayed.

I think all the above should be put on notices in all the public toilets of the land next to the condom machines in both the ladies and gents. When I am dictatrix of Britain I shall decree that this be done.

I know Ann Parkinson must have had a completely cowed husband for the rest of her marriage and he must have worshipped the ground she walked on till the day he died grateful that she chose not to divorce him for his adultery. Good move, Ann Parkinson!


CG said...

Isnt that sad? Sad, sad, sad.

Claire Khaw said...

Ann Parkinson did the sensible thing, at any rate.

RP said...

A baby is always a part of the deal when you fuck. Its a risk that is too big to wish away

Claire Khaw said...

A man should only be legally obliged to support his LEGITIMATE children.

SSMs should be lashed 100 times per bastard.

RP said...

No one should be obliged to support any children. Nor, however, should he be immune from criticism. The real issue here was reputation and political life, not alimony payments.

Claire Khaw said...

If the rules are what I have proposed Keays would not have done what she did.

His reputation suffered and he had to resign from the Cabinet.