Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Proposed division of mental health treatment to streamline the provision of mental health services

Rise in serious incidents at English mental health trusts

Who are these people with mental health problems? Is it the result of bad parenting? Let their parents take responsibility for them then. I bet the parents of these people are unfit mothers who apparently couldn't grasp the link between careless copulation, unwanted pregnancy, single parenting, bad parenting and mentally ill offspring who are a burden to themselves and the state.

Once we shame mental illness again, people will start suppressing their symptoms again instead of burdening everyone else with their bad mental health.

I feel it would be constructive to divided bad mental health into the following categories:


Those in the BEING BAD category should just be dealt with by the Criminal Justice system.

Those who are feeling sad should be asked to try believing in God and cultivating a personal relationship with Him.

Those in the third category could be confined to mental asylums, but only if they are curable and apparently harmless.

Those who are not curable can be invited to consider euthanasia or their next of kin invited to do so.

Those who are criminally insane and obviously homicidal would proceed straight to euthanasia, not passing go and not collecting £200.

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