Saturday, 16 January 2016

Why Feminist Peter Hitchens is all talk and no trousers

From 7th minute. Peter Hitchens admits to being a feminist in 18th minute.

Whom out of all you so regularly attack do you hate the most?
Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens. The people I most despise are the people who get what I say and won't discuss it - journalists. I don't even blame the sluts and bastards who didn't know any better, and certainly not the average MCSF who will only acknowledge that there is a problem when this is reported in mainstream media.
Why won't Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens discuss your ideas?
Because they are terrified of being associated with them, of course.
What did you want Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens to do for you?
Discuss my ideas. I don't even mind if they disagree, BUT THEY ARE TOO TERRIFIED EVEN TO DISCUSS THEM.
Why do you want Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens in particular to discuss your ideas?
Because they are the only two British Conservative thinkers that come to mind. Can you think of any other writers or philosophers who identify as Conservative?
Why do you want to be accepted by Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens?
Because they are the only Conservative writers I can think of.
In what way do you claim to identify with Conservatism when your ideas are so undeniably radical?
I define Conservatism as social conservatism and this fundamentally means practising traditional marriage ie forbidding and punishing extramarital sex.
Is a Conservative really a Fascist?
I think he would have to be a Fascist if he is really serious about maintaining morality and practising traditional marriage. He would certainly be accused of being a Fascist as he sets out his prospectus on how to keep on trucking as a Conservative. It is my belief that a one-party state is necessary under a narrowed franchise of taxpayers only for the political meritocracy that I envisage.
Do you think Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens are anti-feminists?
I think they are, but dare not say or discuss why they dare not say. Despicable intellectual cowardice.
Peter Hitchens declared himself to be a feminist at
Yes, I know. Truly and utterly despicable.
What question would you ask Peter Hitchens if given the opportunity?
I would ask him if he agreed with me that everything about feminism undermined marriage. Roger Scruton would be asked the same question too.

Feminists and Radical Islam


JK said...

That Hinscliff woman is a moron.

Eighteen arrests and up to a thousand rioters. Not enough.

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JK said...

I don't know what he meant by that exactly.

Claire Khaw said...

He just means he doesn't want to be identified as an anti-feminist because he is afraid of the feminazis.