Saturday, 28 May 2016

Christianity: suppose it’s gone for ever?

“The religious” now appear to young people as obscurantist bigots whose main purpose is to police sexuality, especially female sexuality, in the service of incomprehensible doctrines.
 Chief of these "incomprehensible doctrines" is respecting and continuing the practice of the human tradition of marriage. 

Institutional resistance to the rights of women and of gay people was an exceptionally stupid strategy for institutions that depends on the labour of both.

Unlike Christianity, Islam relies on the rule of [sharia] law to maintain morality, not a corruptible priesthood now riddled with sexually corrupt feminists who condone fornication or practising sodomites openly supporting gay marriage. The corruption of church clearly demonstrates how Islam is superior in doing what is the purpose of religion: maintain morality. Many have noticed that the Pope these days is no longer Catholic nor interested in propagating social conservatism or Catholic teaching, seeing it as his role first to surrender to the degenerate international matriarchy and secondly surrender to Islam. Unfit for the purpose of maintaining morality, the priesthood is now serves merely as a source of income, status and advancement for those who will do the opposite of uncompromisingly support the institution of marriage.

But the Church of England was so much a part of the old imperial state that life in post-imperial Britain was never going to be easy.

Imperialism is unsustainable without patriarchy. Its opposite - matriarchy - will only result in degeneracy and the decline and fall of a once imperial nation. 

Global warming and the still present threat of nuclear destruction both need a sense of global solidarity to overcome, and a vision of humanity that transcends narrow self-interest. If Christianity no longer can supply that, what will?

Christianity is kaput, but Islam is waiting in the wings.

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