Sunday, 1 May 2016

Questions for Dr Feldman and Shami Chakrabarti on anti-Semitism

  1. Is it possible that gentiles and Muslims would resent being told by the government what they may or may not think and say about Jews?
  2. So what if people are anti-Semitic? 
  3. If one can hate UKIP, BNP and other anti-immigration parties, why not Jews? 
  4. Does thoughtcrime exist in the so-called Free West? 
  5. Should thoughtcrime exist in the so-called Free West?
  6. Why should it be thoughtcrime to hate Jews and other privileged and protected groups, but not others? 
  7. Does the inability of the white gentile male to criticise protected groups work against his own interests?
  8. Is the stratagem of the Jew a feminine stratagem: that of using their victimhood to facilitate special pleading and gain unfair privileges?
  9. Is it possible to be both an anti-Semite and a Zionist?
  10. Should Ken Livingstone have the right to say what he believes to be provably and arguably true without being expelled from his party?
  11. How well disposed towards Jews do you think gentiles and Muslims who are critical of Jews and Israel would be after their free speech is further restricted by a naked display of Jewish power?
  12. Does Zionism mean supporting the right of Jews to have their own homeland which does not necessarily have to be in Israel?
  13. If so, was Naz Shah not also a Zionist, since she supported the right of Jews to have a homeland in America, not Israel?
  14. Weren't Zionists considering Uganda and Madagascar as a possible location for the Jewish homeland?
  15. What are the origins of anti-Semitism?
  16. Is anti-Semitism endemic in the Christian West?
  17. Was the Inquisition a manifestation of anti-Semitism?
  18. Is anti-Semitism a manifestation of Christian uncertainty in defending the Doctrine of the Trinity, which Christians themselves barely understand?
  19. Was the Catholic Church largely responsible for anti-Semitism when it was the dominant religious force of Europe?
  20. Is anti-Semitism really more a Muslim problem now that the British Far Right has disintegrated?
  21. "Dog whistle anti-Semitism is necessary if you are a Labour politician trying to attract the Muslim vote." Discuss.
  22. Now that the West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human, what are the reasons why Western atheists still hate Jews?
  23. Are both the Far Right and the Far Left united in their objections to Western foreign policy which they feel work against their own national interest?
  24. Neocon wars are what the Far Right regard as wars to protect and serve Israel's interests. Is it hard to understand why gentiles might resent this?
  25. Neocon wars are what the Far Left perceive to be capitalist imperialistic wars supported by Jewish bankers. Is it hard to understand why gentiles might resent this? 
  26. Are Jews responsible for the direction of American foreign policy?
  27. Is anti-Semitism linked to the increasing number of the victims of America's neocon policies, who are mostly Muslim and who also live in the West?
  28. Would anti-Semitism abate if America ceased its neocon foreign policy and retreated into splendid isolation?
  29. Is it not the case that AIPAC expects any American presidential candidate to swear loyalty to the State of Israel? Obama: "Israel's security is sacrosanct." 
  30. Jews are the only people who have got America - the most powerful nation in the world - by the goolies. Can you really not understand how much this is resented when you must already know how militarily aggressive American foreign policy has been towards Muslim countries?
  31. How well disposed do you think gentiles would be towards Jews when Ken Livingstone is expelled from the Labour Party for saying what he believed to be the truth?
  32. Do Jews find themselves simply unable to refrain from exploiting the almost unbelievable stupidity and spinelessness of the gentle politician who is habitually treacherous to his own people?
  33. Do you understand that Muslims who are not quite so stupid and degenerate and easily exploited as the gentile non-Muslim politician can see through these stratagems and hate you all the more for it? 
  34. If Israel became a theocracy, would anti-Semitism abate?
  35. Out of all the countries in the world, surely the Holy Land should be a theocracy?
  36. If Israel were to choose a basis for its theocracy, should it be based on the Old Testament, New Testament or the Koran?
  37. How likely are gentile and Muslim men to resent being told by an Asian feminist female and a Jew what they may not say or think about Jews?
  38. Could Jews be said to be hoist by their own petard when they condemned anti-immigration parties for complaining about Muslim immigration and are now suffering from the effects of Muslim immigration through increased anti-Semitism from Muslims?
  39. Is it the purpose of Jews to prevent gentiles from acquiring the protection of social conservatism and non-usurious financial policies?
  40. Do Jews actively go about preventing gentiles from having the protection of social conservatism because they want them to stay weak, stupid, degenerate and treacherous to each other, and therefore easy to exploit?

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