Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The 39 male Brexiteer Tory MPs who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

Dumb fuck Brexiteer male Tory MPs applauding Andrea Leadsom, the woman who betrayed their cause and gave them the triple whammy of what men don't need or want: May - a female remain Prime Minister who will stuff her cabinet full of female mediocrities and further marginalise men. Look at dumb fuck Tim Loughton looking at her legs and applauding her. The country is going down the toilet and male Tory MPs can only look at a woman's legs and applaud her for betraying their cause. The best way for Andrea Leadsom to show her remorse for fucking it up royally for Brexiteers is to apply for the Children Hundreds, but she won't be doing that, will she? Another over-promoted female mediocrity screws it up for men, and all they can do is applaud her and look at her legs ...

  1. Steve Baker
  2. John Baron
  3. Julian Brazier
  4. Andrew Bridgen
  5. David Burrowes
  6. Bill Cash
  7. Philip Davies
  8. Steve Double
  9. James Duddridge
  10. Iain Duncan Smith
  11. James Gray
  12. Chris Green
  13. Chris Heaton-Harris
  14. Gordon Henderson
  15. Stewart Jackson
  16. Bernard Jenkin
  17. Boris Johnson
  18. Edward Leigh
  19. Julian Lewis
  20. Peter Lilley
  21. Tim Loughton
  22. Karl McCartney
  23. Stephen McPartland
  24. James Morris
  25. David Mowat
  26. Andrew Murrison
  27. David Nuttall
  28. Neil Parish
  29. Owen Paterson
  30. Daniel Poulter
  31. Tom Pursglove
  32. John Redwood
  33. Laurence Robertson
  34. Andrew Rosindell
  35. Bob Stewart
  36. Michael Tomlinson
  37. Craig Tracey
  38. Martin Vickers
  39. William Wragg

Andrew Murrison, who supported Leadsom, belatedly grovels about being "bowled over by the strength and power" of May. This is the kind of man who represents South West Wiltshire.

Unlike me, these male politicians in charge of the ship of state couldn't see that this woman who probably reminded them of their granny or mummy was unreliable, inexperienced as well as selfish and self-indulgent with no idea of her place in the world and politics, whose husband is so henpecked he didn't dare stop her from standing by threatening to divorce her. That would have stopped her dead in her over-ambitious tracks. Typical woman: quitting the moment the going got tough.

Why couldn't they have supported Gove? Was he not pretty enough for them then? If he had dressed up as a woman would they have been more likely to support him? These pathetic men who still want their mummy couldn't bring themselves to support Gove because they wanted their leader and PM to be like their mummy, so they pretended Gove was guilty of some great betrayal and that he owed Boris some kind of duty of honour not to stand. 

Gove was guilty of no more than being a man and changing his mind: a woman's prerogative but clearly not a man's. Whither gender equality?

See how these infantilised and emasculated middle-aged men, clueless about male solidarity, let the remainer May in to stuff her cabinet full of women.  

These Brexiteers have somehow maneuvered themselves into getting a double whammy of what we don't want: a woman and a remainer as PM.  ALL BECAUSE THEY WANTED THEIR MUMMY. 

When politicians are turkeys voting for Xmas, you know your country is just a turd in the toilet that hasn't been quite flushed away yet.

And all because grown men still want their mummy. Disgusting and contemptible. 

While Tory MPs could have ignored Paul Dacre of the Mail supporting May, they did not. Paul Dacre must also take part of the blame.

Why did Dacre support May? Because he thought he was betting on a horse, probably, just like the all the dumbshit Tory MPs who thought Gove wouldn't be quite popular enough with the Tory membership because his legs weren't shapely or his skirt short enough or because he didn't remind them of their mummy or granny enough. Unprincipled, infantilised and emasculated British men are strangers to principle and beyond contempt. Even the men who want the right things for the right reasons are pathetically venal.  No wonder this country is fucked. 

And so, I assume, are my chances of getting a column in The Mail. 

BREXIT BETRAYED: When did you first realise Brexit had been cancelled?


AB said...

Would that be Gove who, as Justice Minister , hasn't done a damned thing in attempt to correct the major disparity between male and female sentencing for the exact same crime. There are many good men on that list. Perhaps they felt Gove may be treacherous and unelectable after showing woeful judgment?

Claire Khaw said...

How is it "treacherous" to stand if Gove thought Boris would be a terrible PM?

AB said...

That view is pure speculation.

Claire Khaw said...

What view?

AB said...

His reason for standing. Others have very different views.

Claire Khaw said...

I am quite happy to give Gove the benefit of the doubt and accept that the reasons he gave were the real reasons.

Gove had a duty to stand if he thought he had to save Britain from Boris.

AB said...

It was a poor move. And maybe taken in haste. He ought to have known his chances would be limited after taking Johnson down. Poor judgment in extreme. He shares the blame in letting May have a free run.As an aside. ....has his wife been sacked from her Daily Mail job? Her paper backed May and she hasn't been seen since she wrote that email about The Mail ' owner Dacre?

Claire Khaw said...

I agree Gove shouldn't have made such a display of false modesty, but he tried to put it right by standing albeit at the last minute.

AB said...

Who did he back in the end?

Claire Khaw said...

He was wisely silent on the matter.

These "good men" to whom you refer still want their mummy.

These "good men" snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, just because they wanted their mummy.

I have taken Rees-Mogg and Swayne off my list because they only voted for Leadsom after Gove dropped out.

AB said...

That's everyone but Gove to blame then. Got it.

Claire Khaw said...

Leadsom should not have stood and/or her husband should have stopped her.

AB said...

Easy to be smart in hindsight. The issue was she was the only Brexit choice after everyone walked away from Gove because of his behaviour. I thought Leadsom may have been a poor PM ( her actions since underline that) but she was the only option to the disaster of May becoming PM. Can't blame them for trying... anyway times will be fun as May had little but deadwood supporting her for Minister appointments and she has a personality that is very badly suited for the job. As Labour heal the Tories will be at war. She will put off Article 50 until a GE is forced. At that point the referendum outcome may be reversed or binned. Don't write off Labour quite yet. And May will be the cause.

Claire Khaw said...

You also gave the Leadsom the pussy pass, admit it. I know someone else into men's rights who also supported Leadsom. Giving women the pussy pass is hard-wired into the British male, all the more insidious because unconscious.

Gove was guilty of nothing more than changing his mind, a woman's prerogative, but not Gove's.

Being male disadvantaged him.

What is this "behaviour" of Gove's to which you refer?

Changing his mind.

AB said...

Mens rights do not mean misogyny. If she was the best candidate and not a feminist then I have no issue.

Claire Khaw said...

You pretended Gove had done something heinous when all he was guilty of was changing his mind. Leadsom was a poor speaker, obviously inexperienced and clearly neither clever nor senior enough to be Prime Minister.