Sunday, 7 August 2016

Unasked questions and unmade points on The Sunday Programme presented by Trevor Barnes

Horrible dream while I slept through this programme but heard it in my dream. I dreamt that I was in the same room with Trevor Barnes, Alexander Lucie Smith and Tina Beattie. I had a burning question I wanted to ask which was obviously not being answered let alone asked. I asked this question repeatedly and loudly till I lost my voice and was still being ignored. Then I woke up and forgot what this question I wanted to ask was. Now listening to the programme from the beginning.

This item was no more than Alexander Lucie Smith signally failing to point out that the whole point of the Abrahamic faiths is to support marriage and maintain the patriarchy which feminists like Tina Beattie are anxious to undermine because they are feminists who regard it as their purpose in life to destroy the patriarchy.

Aghast to find that Trevor Barnes did not ask Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum what he meant by "historic cases of anti-Semitism" and what he wanted done to people found guilty of it. Sent to concentration camp? Some clarification would have been helpful!

Is anti-Semitism thoughtcrime?

Can we have retrospective thoughtcrime?

When did anti-Semitism become thoughtcrime?

Which Act of Parliament said anti-Semitism is thoughtcrime?

Sweden's St Olav's Pilgrim Path to Norway has villages along the way that have been settled by Muslim refugees, presumably because the elderly feminised locals would be easily overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of refugees and give up complaining once they knew that their government doesn't care about them. Arguments are made by a refugee saying how much the Swedish economy has boomed because of them. Certainly, the government is not interested in elderly and unproductive indigenous people when they could be having young male Muslim workers which the female locals welcome for their own reasons. Baptist pastor deeply concerned about the welfare of the refugees and Bob Walker's guide is female.

The white male and his plight brings to my mind a lion and his pride who has acceded to the demands of his harem to be welcoming to visiting males looking to have sexual access to his harem.

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